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How was ZOX Pro Training created?

How was ZOX Pro Training created? Born out of Speed Reading Richard Welch, before he was known as the "Father of Mental Photography", bought the American Speed Reading Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. After finding the deficits with speed reading, Richard challenged his staff to discover a great deal more; and discover they did! Out of speed reading came a hyper speed reading method using your photographic memory we now know as Mental Photography, or ZOXing. At 25,000, 50,000, 100,000 words per minute Read more [...]

Announcement – Webinar 2 – Mental Photography, Photographic Memory, Dyslexia

Now Available... ZOX Pro Training Webinar - 2 Topics covered in this Webinar: Mental Photography (ZOXing) Photographic Memory Dyslexia Quantum Information Natural Brain Function Discover how to assimilate and retain over 50,000+ WPM for life! Enjoy! Shannon Panzo Great Things Happen Here! Read more [...]

Do You Know Too Much Knowledge can be Dangerous ?

Do You Know Too Much? Knowledge can be Dangerous. Is it possible to have too much knowledge? If you were to study at even the crazy speeds that Mental Photography / ZOXing gives you, you could spend every hour of every day absorbing information on any given topic, but you would still only be scratching the surface of all the information that can be accessed. Consider for a moment just how disadvantaged most people are when the just read or speed read. The speeds that ZOX Pro travels at are completely Read more [...]

Money and Wealth Creation: Use Your Mind

Money and Wealth Many people are convinced – consciously or subconsciously – that accumulating great wealth is impossible. But this is simply not true. Your mind is the only impediment to your goals of wealth. But help is on the way. I am here to teach you how to focus your thoughts on visualizing your goals. A Poverty Mentality is Your Enemy to Wealth At some point in your life, you internalized the belief that money and wealth would always remain beyond your reach. To become successful, you Read more [...]

Connect the Dots with The Law of Attraction

The Secret Law of Attraction Decision Making and Clarity  Does the proper use of The Secret Law of Attraction confuse you? In recent years there have been a number of organizations pop up that give you complex ways to solve simple problems. That seems a bit convoluted to how you would prefer to do things. Ask yourself this, why do some people make some things very complex when they do not need to be? Money Creating a following ...and then more money. There are many people that prey on others Read more [...]