35,000 Decisions Every Day of Your Life – Are You Depressed Yet?

Decisions, Decisions, and more Decisions

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Your Life’s Decisions are Weighed Against a Feather…

You Better Get it Right!



In the 1950’s, industrialization swept into every household. That was a long time ago. Since then, every possible time saving device has forever added to our stack of goodies buried in closets and storage areas; and land-fills, never to be seen again.

Life was simpler back then. We did not have the number of decisions we now have to make daily. We have always made decisions, and the results impact our life. Today it is different. Most people have no idea just how many decisions the average person now makes each day. It is staggering.

How did the number of decisions grow so fast?

The sheer number of decisions that must be made, is in an ever increasing tidal wave. With only a small amount of procrastination, you can be swept out to sea and forever lost. Tragic. Some sources suggest you make around 35,000 decisions each day.

(Please keep in mind, some of the examples we give are not the case in many countries. They are relevant, a picture, for you to perceive why decision making has become so consuming in a person’s life.)

Typical choices people make…

  • How many thousands of cable channels do you have, and which do you choose to watch?
  • How do you like your coffee? Home brew, drive-through, Cafe? Would you rather have tea or hot chocolate?
  • Do you cook for yourself or choose to become a valued customer at McDonalds?

Then there are the more involved decisions like who we add as ‘friends’ on Facebook or follow on Twitter and the weighted decisions of priority versus time. You may believe certain decisions are important, when in actuality, they really are not. Setting priorities may be a way to economize your over-burdened schedule.

Make 10,000’s of Better Decisions Each Day

Various internet sources estimate that an adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day, while a child makes about 3,000.   This number may sound absurd, but a recent study revealed we make 226.7 decisions each day on just food alone according to researchers at Cornell University (Wansink and Sobal, 2007).  As your level of responsibility increases, so does the number and different types of choices you are faced with. You feel like you are reaching for infinity!

Your make a multitude of choices in life. Here are some examples:

  • what to eat
  • what to wear
  • what to purchase
  • what we believe
  • what jobs and career choices we will pursue
  • how we vote
  • who to spend our time with
  • who we will date and marry
  • what we say and how we say it
  • whether or not we would like to have children
  • what we will name our children
  • who our children spend their time with
  • what they will eat, etc.

Each choice carries certain consequences – good and bad. Many choices actually lead you to other choices. In the world of organisms, few have the ability to choose. Humanity is the one that has the most choices; even to how we choose to create our environment.

The Problem with Too Much Choice…

I could go into a lengthily deliberation of all the different types of choices you have, and all the different conscious level strategies you can employ over the rest of your life. These will take up a considerable amount of time and planning on your part. (How boring! You may as well count the number of knots you can tie into a piece of string.)

Typically, most people would not employ the strategies anyhow, because their life is already hectic enough trying to make their best decisions in the limited time they have, with limited information. Most people have complex lives creating the need for many decisions each day. Most people do not have the responsibilities of an Afghani sheepherder, as far fewer decisions would be needed.

However, people that normally do have a low occurrence of decisions are children. So, if you want to teach someone good decision making strategies, the best time is when children are still young. They will carry it throughout their life.

For adults that are already overloaded, you need a different system – a system that does not rely on only conscious level information and actionable strategies. This is where I come in.

Decision Making – Conscious vs Subconscious…

Your subconscious is vast beyond belief when you consider just how much usable information it has over the conscious mind when making decisions. Your conscious mind is not meant to remember or catalogue much information at all.  I often wonder how many people function by going around daily without having direct access to their subconscious mind. That is what leads to the common occurrence of people being on autopilot as they go through their day.

Autopilot is okay if the decisions are always the same. Once decisions fall outside of those parameters, you can no longer use your pre-recorded messages you have at hand. Instead, you must analyse your decision with your conscious mind. This is where most people fail efficient decision making. Procrastination undermines the process, wasting time and energy. When the conscious mind is directly involved, you do not effectively access all the resources your subconscious mind has. Errors in your judgement and resolution are likely. Don’t worry, when you make a mistake in your decision making, you will be given the opportunity to revisit it again and again.

Accessing Your Subconscious for Making Decisions…

If you do not believe your subconscious should play a part in your decision making, then this information is not for you. Go back to employing your various strategies that have created the chaos you now live in.

If you do believe you should access all the available information you have, both in your conscious and subconscious minds, when making important decisions, then here are some practical methods that will help.

Acknowledgement: Acknowledge to yourself that your SUBconscious actually has a vast amount of pertinent information far greater than what your conscious mind has. This will give you the strength to overcome your conscious mind going into denial of such a ludicrous idea.

Meditate: Through meditation, or prayer, you are able to access that information which is not readily available to you. Even though, you may not sense the information is there, assume it is. Don’t worry. It will be there.

Relax: Only when you are in a relaxed state will the ideas and strategies make themselves known. The “Ah ha” moment, when the light bulb comes on, and paints your path in front of you.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: If you cannot believe in yourself, why would you think anyone else would. The way you feel about yourself shines out to the world. Others react likewise. The same is true when you are searching for solutions or making decisions. Your belief in yourself will provide the same quality of solutions back to you.

Your Choice…

The world is forever changing. The decisions you will be making in the days ahead will be bigger and there will be more of them. You should take charge of at least some of those 35,000 decisions you make daily.

If you want a clear path for creating these things within yourself, then you really should look at what we offer to the public. (ZOXpro.com) Something that was told to me a long time ago… “If you are an inch under water, or a thousand feet under water. You are still drowning.”  We all need solutions. Isn’t it about time you find your way?

Shannon Panzo, PhD

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