Applied Quantum Physics – Mental Photography

Applied Quantum Physics - Mental Photography For Starters, I want to share something I find near and dear to my heart,... and provocative for you. a VERY short lesson in APPLIED Quantum Physics Here's what I'd like to help you experience: Take Control of your LIFE! Eliminate STRESS! COMMAND Information! Be the EXPERT! Make great DECISIONS! SOLVE problems easily! ATTRACT Great People! POLARIZE your circumstances! EMBRACE Independent thinking! BLAST away roadblocks! ANTICIPATE Client Needs! Achieve SUCCESS! Be your own GURU! Over 100 times the POWER! You can SUCCEED at ALL of these, and MORE,... when you use Mental Photography! About ...
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Guruism vs. Anti-Guruism : What’s the Difference?

Guruism vs. Anti-Guruism : What's the Difference? Mind To Mind ( Wants you to have somewhere you can go to gain perspective about the Self-Improvement, Self-Help Industry. This article is meant to highlight what I think you should be aware of from a 'back-door' point of view. Since I have been around the market for over 20 years, I have seen many things you would reply 'NO WAY!.." to. I want to reveal just a few back-end secrets to assist you with your decision making. YOU OWN YOUR BRAIN! You should care who's handling the input! Guruism - What is ...
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Mental / Brain / Mind Energy – Anger

Mental / Brain / Mind Energy - Anger Mental / Brain / Mind Energy is ‘just’ that – mental energy. The form it takes is what you chose to bestow upon it. Negative mental energy can be changed into positive mental energy – by YOU! If something makes you angry, take the moment and divert that negative mental energy, laden full of emotion, to do something productive. As you continue to divert the anger energy you create, it will become easier and easier to continue to divert it. If you are putting that excess energy to productive use, then YOU ...
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Natural Brain Entrainment vs. Artificial Brainwave Induction

Natural Brain Entrainment vs. Artificial Brainwave Induction When I first posted this article, my intent was to be clear and only speak of one specific circumstance where the system that someone was using didn't provide what his goal was. I wanted to keep it brief - maybe too brief. (I apologize to my readers that I was not more thorough.) This added a degree of confusion to the point I was hoping to make - which I am now re-stating. Please keep in mind, that there are many different systems, and even technical electronic systems that are available in the ...
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