Define the Universe. Want to know how?

Brain Management

Define the Universe and Spirituality… From humble beginnings… Aage Nost… Born a farm-boy in Norway, the beginnings of a #Spiritual life full of passionate learning and personal advancement began when he suddenly gained the responsibility of managing the family farm. Going forth to graduate college in Agricultural and Forestry Management, driving tanks in the military, learning several languages fluently, and

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Photographic Memory- Children Born Genius !

Mental Photography

Photographic Memory – Children Born Genius! (The Photographic Memory is also known as the ‘Eidetic Memory’.) I feel that I have a responsibility to reveal certain secrets to you here at MIND to MIND. Secrets that hold you back from your success. Photographic Memory… Have you ever wondered about the people with photographic memory? What would you think if I

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Leave Your Poverty Mindset At The Door, With Brain Management

The quote “Success is NOT gauged on what you have gained, but by what you have given up” is limited. In the Law of Attraction, if you think you have given up (or lost) something along the way, you automatically attract whatever you were unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to lose back into your life.  This includes a poverty mindset. In

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That Which Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger

The 3 Most Important Seconds of My Life PEOPLE have events that shape their path in life. Some events solidify the path they are on, some events change their direction in life forever, and some of these events end life. I have had several significant events in my life that have led me to the specific path that I am

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