Limited TIME – eBook No. 2, NO Strings Attached, on Amazon Kindle

I Am Giving Away My Ebook! … For 5 Days ONLY!  (May 7 – May 11, 2014) LOOK for my other books, including: “Chrysalis Transformation Under the Jackfruit Tree”   I am offering you the opportunity to get the SECOND volume in the “Under the Jackfruit Tree” series, “Revealing Truth Under the Jackfruit Tree” for free!       You

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Brain Facts #7 – Your Brain Never Sleeps

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Restless Brain Even while you’re snoozing, your brain constantly transmits information through motor circuits that send information to your muscles and glands, while receiving information from sensory circuits located throughout your body. It is only when your brain ceases to send these signals that you really have something to worry about. Looking for a good night of sleep? Shannon’s Sleep

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News Flash :: Escape to Australia :: Seating is Limited

Welcome to Australia Visit the mysterious Land Down-Under, and while you are here, Learn How to Exercise Your Brain The eBrain Executive Seminar is returning to Victoria, Australia. Make your reservations now! Stay a while longer and turn your trip into a vacation! On November 22, 23, 24, Shannon Panzo PhD, will be in Bendigo, Victoria, conducting the eBrain Executive

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