Quiet Intelligence is Quite Intelligent – Horse Sense really…

Brain Management

Quiet Intelligence is Quite Intelligent – Do your pets seem to want to be like you in some way. Studies have found that people often choose a pet that looks like them, or reflect their own personality in some way. Logic would suggest then that since a person may select a pet based on their own self, then it is much easier for that person to assign them human characteristics, much like looking into a mirror.

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If You’re Happy and You Know it… Clap Your Hands

If you are happy and you know clap your Hands

Most people actually do not know what it means to be happy, or what it takes to get there. The easiest example of this is the Self Improvement Industry. The Self Improvement industry caters to Unhappy people. It is our desire to be happy, happier, or a better person tomorrow than we are today.

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Meteor Impact Crater Revealed – My Mind Ponders …

My aim is to make you THINK. I want to inspire you to greater heights. You can find firm footing in the past, but look to your future! Quote – Isaac Asimov “I am not a speed reader. I am a speed understander.”~Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov, a great science fiction writer, accomplished great leaps by using speed reading as his 

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