[Video] Get a Better Memory, Forgetting, Hippocampus

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All About Your Memory? Don’t Forget… Memory (Short Term and Long Term Memory) You have both a short term and long term memory…. both have their purpose… has the education system unknowingly hurt your long term memory by its teaching methods…. Listen in as Shannon Panzo, PhD has a fascinating conversation on Open Eyes sharing about Understanding Memory and the different

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A Brain Game – Choice! What if I handed you a pot full of gems?

Gems Brain Game – I hand you a pot of gems. The gems are of all sizes, shapes and colors. I even tell you that one of the gems is a 3 carat diamond. But the objective is for you to pick which gem is worth the most. If you do not pick the one that is worth the most, then you lose and you must place the gem you have selected back into the pot.

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