Education System vs Public Interest – Using Photographic Memory

Mental Discipline

Education System vs Public Interest Encouraging and implementing the photographic memory in school Education’s War on Change… Educators are steadfast when it comes to implementation of reading as the vehicle for gaining information and testing as the method for calculating student ability to retain what they have read. But testing in a clinical sense does not encourage usability of the

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Do You Invest in Yourself?

Why do so few people invest in their education?   How much do you invest in your education? When was the last time you spent actual cash to further your education? I have crafted 7 Strategies for Passionate Performance in Your Life, that are available from my website. One of those Strategies is this: ‘Invest 5% of your time and

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Are You Jealous?

Tired of spending long hours reading or speed reading, creating outlines, study groups, tutoring, and other things just to pass your exams with a moderate grade?

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