Brain Management: Life Lessons, Pain and Success

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Life Lessons, Pain and Success The pursuit of happiness … Learn from your experiences You have no doubt heard or read this phrase, and without a doubt, it is good advice. But you can learn from the lessons from others and avoid the pain that they suffered to obtain their first-hand wisdom. Pain: Life’s Great Teacher Whether your pain is

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Law of Attraction vs. Human Pheromones :: Smells, Odors, and You

Where would we be without our olfactory sense? Opposites attract; at least where electromagnetism is concerned. But what about attraction between two people? Romantic passion stays active for about two weeks. Is two weeks also the amount of time required to get accustomed to the other person’s pheromones?

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Your Pursuit of Passion Should Never Take a Holiday

Get more passion for your health and reap the rewards Ask Yourself,… Are you passionate about your health? What is your health worth? How would you know if you are healthy? Based on over 45 years’ of exploring and implementing alternative health regimes, I have developed my own definition of health, and I commend it to you. Hardly anybody I

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