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Self Motivation vs Positive Motivation

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There seems to be confusion over the difference between Positive Motivation and Self Motivation and just how they are both used in the seminar market. ZOX Pro Training focuses on Self Motivation, while other seminars are focusing on Positive Motivation.

Self Motivation is very different than Positive Motivation, because the driving forces behind each are from completely different sources. Self Motivation relies on you motivating yourself. Whereas Positive Motivation relies on outside stimuli and guidance to keep you going.

Therefore, the real question is,

“Do you want to be the person in control of your life?”

“Do you know how to self motivate yourself?”

“Do you want to know how to increase self motivation?”

Self Motivation or Positive Motivation

The Positive Motivation Experience…

You hear the hype. The speaker flying onto the stage, bigger than life, and the crowd is on its feet cheering! This is the start of many Positive Motivation activities. If you are not pumped up when you get there, you will be by the time you leave.

You are sharing the energy

You feel the POWER

You feel that you have conquered your life at that moment…

You are given a basic system to live by to stay motivated…

You buy a handful of support equipment to stay focused on your new-found freedom…

You go home.


THEN, after the hype and parade; you have been doing what they said to do. You have your list of affirmations taped onto the mirrors, the refrigerator, the doors, and even the dog as it walks past. …and you read and read and read those affirmations.

GRAVITY sets in. It only takes you about 7 days to realize you are still in the same old rut you were in before you ever went to the Positive Motivation event.


Is it your fault you have fallen?

You must have done something wrong, or omitted something… No.

Then you blame yourself. You must not be good enough.

Then remorse sets in. How could you have let yourself be taken in? You are so gullible.

You harden, and tell yourself you will never do that again.


You are a human having a human experience…

You have just experienced what most people experience when they attend a Positive Motivational training on how to motivate yourself. Some of those people will remember the high energy they experienced and want to have it again. They may go back for their “fix” many times, and still be right back where they started; in the rut.


ZOX Pro Training and SELF Motivation…

The Self Motivation Experience…

Being thankful when you wake up each day

Taking on your challenges knowing you have the tools to win, and never giving up.

Knowing that winning the war is not the same as winning the battles. Losing battles provides lessons to win the war.

Learning from your lessons, and using those lessons to strengthen your future actions.

Doing the “right” thing to do with honesty and integrity when faced with decisions

If things do not work out well today, there is tomorrow. Be optimistic.

Each day you can look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I did my best”.


Self Motivation is the willingness to take up the gauntlet and face the challenge in your life with grace. When you win, celebrate modestly. When you lose, search for the lessons the pain of loss provides. Face each day as the first day of the rest of your life! It Is!

All of these things you do for yourself. You do not need someone else pushing the buttons or telling you what you must do to fit their design. You are an individual. Know this within yourself, and choose your way.

Be kind and considerate to others. They travel their own path as well. Some will travel alongside you or in the same direction. Most will not. They will be traveling directions of their own making and agendas, askew from your path.

Why is Self Motivation important? The sense of accomplishment is your personal gain when you do something on your own, and under your own steam.

And… You are no longer in the rut.


ZOX Pro is…

Committed to your success.

Geared for your best results.

ZOX Pro Training is a complete system!

More importantly, we promote independent thinking, self-motivation skills, and anti-guruism. You know what is in your best interests. If you want or need a Guru, then be your own Guru. You will be surprised what you really do know and understand.

We put you in charge. Our clients are from 7 years old to over 90. We treat everyone as adult. Along with that, our clients are bestowed the adult responsibility to be in charge of themselves and what is in their best interest. Don’t worry – everyone has problems. We don’t need to know what your problems are. ZOX Pro Training provides you the basic tools for dealing with your problems, yourself! We help you to help yourself by providing proven life-enhancing techniques for you to be in control of your life, like never before.

“POSITIVE MOTIVATION” will hype you up and get you excited. Even when you do everything they say to do, you will likely be back in the same rut in just a few days.


We teach “SELF MOTIVATION”, NOT positive motivation!

We give you a whole system that works — not pieces!

A system that you can apply to anything and everything!

No matter what level of training we provide, all of them are built on the one true core structure that provides the foundation for YOU to have RESULTS!

We provide the tools (up-front) – and we show you how to keep yourself motivated!

Great Things Happen Here!

…and then great things happen for you.

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  • I most appreciate write-ups of admonishment. It fascinates me. Thank you.

    • Oluwaseyi,
      Thank you, but we are not admonishing people or organizations. We are simply pointing out a clear oversight where people have unintentionally fused the 2 concepts together, when in actuality, the 2 concepts are quite different. The expected results are also quite different. It is more the case of “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” If an organization is guilty of blurring the concepts for their own gain, then people should hold them accountable.