A World with Little Imagination and even Less Aspiration!

Where Is the Good News?

Aspirations Abandoned


A World with Little Imagination and even Less Aspiration!


Does “objective reporting” still exist?

a)     In books?

b)    Old wives tales?

c)     For gullible people?

d)    None of the above?


The times we are experiencing now make me want to break out into a tune of “Where Has All the Good News Gone? Long Time Passing.  Where Has All the Good News Gone? Long Time Ago sung to “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


Look at the TV News. Where is the good news?

Look at the Newspapers and Magazines.  Where is the good news?

Talk to people. Listen to them. Where is the good news?


What are you doing to combat the negative information that is shoved down your throat daily?

We are currently experiencing a time where the media could shine a path to the salvation so many of us seek. But the dreary path makes for much bigger news.   When was the last time you heard of people counting their blessings or stopping to smell the roses? Seldom, if at all, unless you associate exclusively with steadfast optimists.   It’s easy to be drawn into all the bad news and negative people.


Arm yourselfThe time is nigh to protect yourself and all you hold dear.

I have been hearing an undercurrent from potential clients who have not yet invested in their most important resource: themselves! They could afford my training, but they procrastinated. Now many of these people are finding that everything they hold dear is being stripped away from them with surgical precision.  They have painted themselves into a corner.


Don’t let this happen to you!

There is no better investment right now than to invest in yourself, your skills, and your capabilities. If you have already invested in our training, think of this as an opportunity to rally yourself into further action for good news.


Shannon Panzo


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