Mental Photography and Brain Management

If you lived to 500 years old… You need Brain Management and Mental Photography

From Mind To Mind (, Thank you for taking time to read this important information. This article reveals one of the the greatest assets you can ever obtain for yourself. It is important that you not ignore how much impact it would have on your life.

If you lived to 500 years old,…
you might stand a chance to read all the articles on

#Wikipedia, or a quarter of the books on

Unfortunately we do not live to 500, and would need a fortune to buy half of the books on, so how about a solution that fits into one lifetime and you can use within a few days to gather all the #knowledge you could ever desire!

At this moment, there are over 5 million articles on Wikipedia or over 10 Billion words of #information and knowledge. There’s an even bigger number of books (and another million published each year!) that you can buy on and that’s well over 100 Billion words of information. An average reader can get through 250 words per minute.

Don’t worry — we’re counting how fast you read right now!

So an average reader would take around 371 years to read Wikipedia if it were his or her full time job. By now, I am sure you are getting the idea that to read, and more importantly #learn that amount of information is impossible.

NOT SO!!! Not only is it possible, but it has been done for the last 30 years and you didn’t even know about it.

We’ve all heard that we only use up to 2% of our brain’s potential – that’s the “smart” people like you and I. We’ve also heard that as kids, we absorb and learn such vast amounts of information it’s almost impossible to imagine as adults. We learn #walking, talking, eating, #drinking, running, playing, social skills, language, etc etc etc! The question is – why can’t we do this as adults.

The answer is – WE CAN – we just aren’t taught to.

Supercharge Your Brain with Mental Photography!

Supercharge Your Brain with Mental Photography!

Mental Photography is the primary vehicle that expediently creates a very strong rapport between the conscious and the subconscious.

It opens many doors to our vast potential by building these bridges. As a learning tool, it allows people to assimilate information at 100 times
the average #ReadingSpeed with 100% retention for life. But, this is not limited to learning. More importantly, it opens a pathway to a part of the brain that has fantastic abilities. This part of the brain acts as a conduit to universal energies. Brain Management (previously called Subliminal Dynamics in the USA) gives you the tools to take control of your life like never before.

Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla

Everybody knows that #AlbertEinstein, #SirIsaacNewton, #ThomasEdison and #NikolaTesla used these techniques without even knowing about them. Don’t YOU want to possess skills like #Einstein!?

Information Age – the Mental Revolution

As the #InformationAge is fully realized by the information capacities of newest computers, the next step must be the “Mental Revolution”. To simply “keep up” is not good enough. Only by getting back to assimilating information as a small child would, can we ever hope to hold our own in today’s fast paced market. By achieving this with the Brain Management system, we can take a sufficient chunk out of the stress we endure. By strengthening and toning the #brain in this natural way, we can create a better, healthier, and happier life.
Everyone was born with this ability
to absorb huge amounts of #information and #knowledge switched on. You used it for the first 5 years of your life. And then,… something terrible happens! You go to school…
Does school give us a Superior way to learn?

” Reading” is taught in opposition to Mental Photography.
When you were taught to read, this ability was switched off. Reading does not work for everyone because it is NOT a natural ability. Reading uses a ‘slow, inefficient’ part of the brain. Mental Photography IS natural – it uses the ‘whole’ brain.

The best news of all is that YOU never lose it! We have been teaching Mental Photography since 1975, when Richard Welch first found it.
#RichardWelch is the “Father of Mental Photography”

Mental Photography vs. Photoreading
Some of you may ask how is this different to “Photoreading”? There are many answers to this question, but the best is probably summed up by #NASA itself, who performed a study on #Photoreading which you can read for yourself at

In January of 2000, Dr. Danielle S. McNamara submitted a preliminary report to the NASA Ames Research Center on photoreading. To conclude the study, McNamara noted that, “In terms of words per minute (wpm) spent reading, there was no difference between normal reading (M = 114 wpm) and PhotoReading (M=112 wpm). So why is it that so many people tout photoreading?” In her conclusion, McNamara states that, “One aspect of the PhotoReading technique is that it leaves the reader with a false sense of confidence.” (Wikipedia, 2008)

The Brain Management course is much more than reading or speed-reading – it’s a #holistic approach to increasing the usage of your wonderful brain. Because Richard Welch’s technology was the first, and the only original, it has stood the test of 30+ years and no such discredit, as above, exist.

Mental Photography itself enhances the experience of reading. The average reading speed is 250 words per minute (wpm). Mental Photography begins at 25,000 wpm. During the training you are tested on recall at 52,000 wpm. Proficient Mental Photographers show up to 600,000 words per minute with 90% recall (just turning pages). The impact of Mental Photography is 100 times reading something. So if you are an avid reader, it will definitely enhance your experience of reading after you Mentally Photograph the book first. You have barely scratched the surface of what your brain is capable of doing!

Mental Photography exercises your Brain

And even more powerful is the way that Mental Photography exercises the brain! The benefits start from:

· Elevated Whole Brain Activity

· Strengthens neural pathways

· Hemispheric Balancing

· Heightened communication between the conscious and the subconscious

· Grow more memory (Dendrites)

· Quicker and clearer thinking

But let’s talk about TANGIBLE benefits, something you can use to your benefit today:

· Business owners and Entrepreneurs gain important skills in decision making, problem solving, #timemanagement, and #stressmanagement

· Learn English, Mandarin, French – ANY language faster than you ever thought possible

· Learn Math, Science, Chemistry or Biology — in fact, any subject whatsoever in record time

· Mentally Photograph all your text books – whether you’re at school, college or post-graduate course

· Prepare for high school exams, or for Medical Doctor exams in hours instead of weeks

· And many more limitless opportunities to expand your mind and your knowledge

· Solve Complex Problems and Questions by allowing your brain to naturally find solutions through your natural neural networks

· Improve your driving with 360 degree perception

· And many more

This information has been presented over the last 30 years in a live seminar. Of course you can continue reading and learning the way humanity has done so for the last 6,000 years or so. If you think that’s the most efficient way, no problem. We’ll leave you to it.

Humanity first learned to ‘read’ about 6000 years ago – first for stock keeping (before this they would use devices like knots on a rope), then for other uses.

That doesn’t make it efficient.

Due to its very nature, reading actually slows down the minds capabilities. By the way, this page has 1,202 words and it has taken you over 4 minutes to read it.

Information Overload – how to cope with it…

Did you know that Mental Photography is “light speed” reading and is

faster than two pages per second with 100% retention?

For the nearest Brain Management Seminar to you, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

Your BRAIN is the most personal thing you possess.


From Mind To Mind (, Thank you for taking time to read this important information. Mental Photography is one of the the greatest assets you can ever obtain for yourself. It is important that you not ignore how much impact it would have on your life. Mental Photography is the natural basis of ALL learning!

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  • It’s interesting and informative. I am eager to learn it.


  • We have been successfully teaching this all over the world for many years. You should have no problem learning it too.

  • How does brain management differ from ZOXPRO?

    • Lawrence,

      Think of Brain Management as the umbrella that covers it all. We have a seminar called Brain Management that is given in various locations throughout the world. We also have the Brain Management Home Study Training. The Home Study and ZOX Pro Training are slightly downsized versions of Brain Management. ALL have Mental Photography at their core. All of our trainings are geared to get you results.

      Brain Management – Seminar
      Brain Management Home Study – Physical home course sent to you.
      ZOX Pro Training – Internet only.


  • I confess to the discriminating habit of being skeptical. What is the catch?;-)

  • Can this training really be done over the net?
    Is there someone who can train me personally
    here in Singapore?

    • ZOX Pro Training is done very successfully over the Internet all over the world. Yes.
      We will only cme to Singapore to teach whenwe have a seminar scheduled there. Currently there are none scheduled.
      Otherwise, you can travel to Australia to get the seminar. We have clients travel in from all over the world to get the eBrain Executive Seminar from us.

  • I am a little bit skeptical and I cant help myself to ask : why doesnt the whole world use this technique or someone around us if everybody can profit the incredible advantages as you claim?
    I still don’t understand why it is not common all over the world.

    • Korcan,

      Please review our FAQ. We have already answered your question. If you cannot get it mainstream into the education system, then for most people it does not exist.
      Look up this question:
      Why is ZOX Pro not in schools, or more popular?

  • Sir, I am losing my memory day by day. I am college teacher please suggest me what should I do. I mostly read your writings which I feel is full of good information. So please suggest to me what to do.
    G M Lone
    kashmir india

    • G M Lone,
      I don’t know the details of the issues around your circumstances, and cannot give advice based upon what I do not know. This could be a medically related instance, and we do not proscribe.

      However, I can tell you what ZOX Pro Training can do for you. It will provide you the means to exercise your brain, so that further loss is negated. There is also a good chance for regrowth of your ability to access memory, and even build more memory.
      The Mental Photography is a great brain exercise that stimulates your brain beyond the threshold for Neural plasticity to kick in and trigger rebuilding within the brain and creating new neurons and strengthening the synapses likewise. There is not much on the planet that can do likewise.

      If you think our training is right for you and your circumstances, then you should get ZOX Pro Training. The quicker you start, the easier it is to repair damage.