Brain Management Psychic Development

Brain Management Psychic Development

Be Your Own Psychic – Discover Your Own Path

As with all of the articles I present, I offer intrigue, different ways to look at things, observations of Human Nature, and the evolving Human Brain and Mind. Did you know that everyone is Psychic? You are! Does that sound so surprising to you?

When was the last time you had a portentous dream, or was just thinking about a person you hadn’t seen in a long time, and there he is – appearing right in front of you? See, you ARE psychic. But do you use it on a regular basis, can you call up the ability at will, are you accurate with what you perceive as insight? These are typical questions that define professional world-class psychics.

Since there are many forms of psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudient, empathic, telepathy, etc.), you may be stronger in one talent over others. If you want to develop your skill in this area, you must use it. You must use your brain in that direction to strengthen that skill.

Scientists have known for ages that the brain cavity is a great receiver for radio waves as well as many other forms of radiation. People can detect the slightest deviation around them by sensing it. Dowsers focus in on specific frequencies emitted by what they want to detect. A really good dowser doesn’t actually need dowsing rods – their body becomes the conductor.

Gee, other people can do psychic things. What about you?

Many of my clients that have learned Mental Photography have stated that even though they didn’t consider themselves psychic, they started to experience what can only be referred to as psychic events. And my clients that already had varying degrees of psychic abilities have claimed that they have jumped their abilities “up” a big notch.

When You Were a Child

So what could you do? Think back when you were a child. Did you ever experience something that just could not be explained? Maybe something that upset or frightened your parents?… maybe something that your parents told you not to do “that” anymore? Is it possible that you were showing psychic abilities?
We all have special unique abilities. Why not psychic abilities as well?

Today, there is allot of upset in many peoples financial life. What if you could see into your future? This is why there are so many people contacting their personal psychics right now. And some people that have never used a psychic are contacting them for the first time. This may be the first time in their life that their footing is NOT on solid ground. They need perspective and direction.

You Are Your Own Best Psychic

If you have never contacted a psychic, and needed direction, where should you go first? You should first go to YOURSELF ! You ARE your own BEST Psychic. You actually have stored within you the path you need to be on. Once you understand the inner workings of your mind, you can tap into this information yourself, without the need for a Psychic to tell you what to do.

Wouldn’t you like to know within yourself, What to do? You can. By applying any level of our training to this objective, you can become your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Now just because you make the correct and best decision doesn’t mean that you won’t have challenges – that’s LIFE!

Now there are many ways to get in touch with your inner self, but the one I know most about is our training. Again, any level of our training can be applied in this direction – Even ZOX Pro Training.

You owe it to Yourself

If you have set aside or stopped using a psychic skill or ability as a child, you owe it to yourself to revisit it. By knowing about it and NOT embracing it; you are in “denial”! When you are in denial, you are lying to yourself. To carry a lie around with you weakens your entire system and leaves you vulnerable. So, to be your best, you should reconsider if this sounds like you.

Where Should I Start?

Even though there are many different ways to encourage this development, I will tell you about what I do know:

1. First, you need to gain clear information that is provided to you without any agenda attached.

2. Second, you need to find answers specific to your personal directions. These answers are best provided to you when they come from you. You actually know what’s in your best interest. They are locked away in your head just waiting for you to ask.

3. Third, Lay out your path before you based on your personal discoveries.

One of the easiest ways to access ALL of the above is the Brain Management System. That means that ZOX Pro Training, Brain Management Seminar, and eBrain Executive Seminar, all have the components that can be structured to achieve your ends.

Enjoy finding and experiencing yourself,

GREAT Things Happen!

Shannon Panzo

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  • Clifford Koekoek

    My identical twin plays a lot of music since childhood, I don’t. He is very psychic, has amazing abilities, I don’t. It seems that his music worked the right hemisphere of his brain, makes him more relaxed, I do the opposit, study a lot and do not have all of his psychic abilities. As a Federal Special Agent I have used his abilities numerous times for my investigations. Your site is terrific.

  • Hallo,

    thank you for really interesting articles!

    As a schoolchild I was the best in class and in full health. I loved to do different sports. But pressures from my family on my school results were higher than I could fulfill and it stressed me very much. I wished to get out from the pressure. Manytimes I imagined myself as someone with a frail health who is doing nothing but going for walks with a dog. During my university studies I suddenly got very ill -from one day to another I was taken to hospital. I felt terribly worried to go to hospital. I was always very afraid of doctors and hospitals. The treatments did not help – all had just oposite impact on me than supposed. They cripled me and it resulted in psychical problems.
    I felt doctors will destroy me even before I was sent to hospital. I had no choice, my family organised the treatments for me.

    This was 7 years ago. Where am I today? I am 29, very weak, with frail health, able to do no work. I have never been able to work. I even could not finish my university studies. I stay at home and go for walks with my beloved dog Sheila.
    How did I know it? I am just the same as I saw myself in my imagination when I was a schoolchild! But I am terribly unhappy in this state. I did not belive my own vision which warned me.

    Now I struggle with changing my visions and imagination of myself in the future. Even though I try so hard, my belly-ache always brings me back to the point I am in and does not let my visions change. I even see me as a homeless beggar sometimes. Is there any way out of here for me?

  • Dear Shannon,

    first of all I am very gratefull to you for paying attention to my comment and for your answer!
    I trust your words because I read each Brain Accelerator article thoroughly and I see it explains many situations we perceive but are worried to explain and understand ourselves. Even though I am not a native speaker I take the effort to translate each article thoroughly .
    I, to be honest, did not even suppose to obtain any answer. I obtained an answer from you – and it is not just some answer. It is something showig the truth – it describes fault in my life briefly but exactly. A victim. In my fancy I learned to create “second me” or “anti-me” – a person who is oposite to me and imagination of which helps me when I feel helpless. The person has a simple characteristics: a fighter. I have to start learning from this entity – for I feel well when I think of this one and very poor when I am myself.
    I think this is the way – it is very easy to visualist this entity for me. But I have to start learning from this one – learning to fight for my aims.
    I was grown up in a belief that it is the best thing to obey parents – to obey completely and limitlessly. To do something you do not like doing completely and limitlessly leads to destruction. I am very creative person (I love design, painting, drawing, music, etc.) but I studied economics because my parents belived it is the best for me. I got out of my path. I think it will be very hard fight to get back on the track. Is there any mean or help to give me strenght in this way?
    Today it is my 29th birthday and I feel I am just where I was when I was a child. I have not moved an inch forwards.
    Anyway I am very gratefull for your answer – even for noticing me. Sometimes I feel so small. It is a great help to see that someone so special like you cares for me.

    I wish you all the best and a lot of success.

    With kindest regards,


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