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All About Your Memory? Don’t Forget…

Memory (Short Term and Long Term Memory)

You have both a short term and long term memory…. both have their purpose… has the education system unknowingly hurt your long term memory by its teaching methods….

Listen in as Shannon Panzo, PhD has a fascinating conversation on Open Eyes sharing about Understanding Memory and the different reasons behind short and long term memory… and how we all can be photographic memory superstars….

  • Hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for short term memory and its function is to flush and forget things after 48 hours…
  • How the written language has actually affected our ability of how we memorize things
  • What is “Hollywood” Photographic Memory…
  • A 5 year old child has better brain plasticity and can learn faster than you…
  • News media gets it totally wrong when reporting that Speed Reading doesn’t work
  • Daydreaming in class was actually helping you learn better
  • You have the ability to take in 50,000 words per minute and have it go directly into long-term memory where it stays there forever…and more…
Shannon Panzo Interview - Memory, Hippocampus, Forgetting

Understanding Memory – Shannon Panzo, PhD

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What is memory?

I constantly have people asking me about memory.


Why do I forget things? Why do I forget what I just read?

Better Memory

How can I make my memory better?

Photographic Memory

How does the photographic memory fit into this?

Short term memory vs long term memory?

Memory Discussion

What happens if you lose your memories? It often happens to people that are elderly. It also happens to people at any age and for many different reasons. Your brain is highly complex and makes trillions of connections each day. It is easy to see how something so complex could easily be derailed.

The best solution are activities that can prevent a complete collapse if things should take a turn for the worse. You can exercise your brain to be stronger. It has been scientifically proven that when you exercise and stress your brain past the threshold of neural plasticity, it triggers your brain to immediately respond by building new pathways, synapse, neurons, and memory. Building this within your brain makes it resilient; resistant to memory loss, Alzheimer’s Disease, and dementia.

I recently was interviewed on the topic of “Taking Control of Your Memory”. If you are interested at all in memory, you should listen to this interview. I cover a lot of topics around memory in the Interview. Even if you do not hear what you need at the start, keep listening. The essential information you need could be covered next. This interview could be the most important thing you have ever heard.

Shannon Panzo Interview – Understanding Memory

Important Points within Interview…

About the Hippocampus…

The short-term memory revolves around a particular structure within the brain is called the hippocampus.

The hippocampus is actually part of the limbic system, a primitive part of the brain; and if you ever want to increase your ability to memorize things, on a conscious level, the hippocampus is stimulated.

The function of the hippocampus is to forget; not to remember. What the hippocampus thinks is not important, it just forgets it. Only ~5 percent of the initial memory is passed over to the long term memory.

There are ways to bypass the hippocampus and actually take in information driving it straight home to the long-term memory where you never forget it; mainly by using the photographic memory you are born with.

Human Memory…

Aboriginal cultures quite often demonstrate they have extensive memory because they have entrained the memories. Because there is no written language they are able to recite the songs of the stories exactly the same way each time for thousands of years. Their natural memory is stronger than the average human that relies on the written language and technical devices that store information. People that tend to take a lot of pictures of their self, where they are, and what they are doing and with whom, often demonstrate incredibly poor memory.

Reading vs. photographic memory

When you learn to read, you are instructed to close off your access to the photographic memory. The two, reading and your photographic memory, are actually in opposition to each other and by doing so you take away something very important to your development.

Information is the key asset to any decision making process. If you have good information your decision-making process is more successful. If you don’t have good information your decision-making process will give you poor output, and it will not be reliable. This is why some people make really great decisions and some people don’t, simply based on the quality of information. Information is treated equally in the brain. It’s the importance at which we bestow upon information as to how our brain treats it.

The Myth about Reading…

The establishment has been lying to everyone about reading, from the start. The lie is very low key. When you are first taught to read, it starts. As a child, you do not have a point of reference to this as non-truth, so you don’t even understand the nature of the lie, “in order to get the information you must read every word verbatim”. As a child, you do not have information to denounce it as a lie, so you accept it through acquiescence. It becomes part of your reality.

Restoring your photographic memory…

As you walk through stores, your photographic memory is being stimulated and exercised. Every store you go into has things setting on the counter and shelves for you to buy. The packaging that those things come in are laden with subliminal advertising. The subliminal advertising actually utilizes your photographic memory to program you to buy stuff. But it also prepares your mind to take over the strengthened photographic memory to use for your own benefit. The method that gives control of your photographic memory back to you is Mental Photography.

After learning Mental Photography with our methods, subliminal advertising simply bounces off. You regain your ability to decide what you choose to buy, instead what others are choosing you to buy. Have you ever bought something you do not want, need, or have a use for? That is result of subliminal advertising. You can change it.

Learning in the Alpha State of Consciousness…

If a child is daydreaming, staring out the window of the classroom while the teacher is talking about whatever the topic is of the day, the child will typically learn so much more than the average person in the class because they’re already in the state of alpha – as they’re looking out the window daydreaming.


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