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Share the Health, Share the Wealth

Your brain relies on your health to function properly. Your health depends upon your brain to send out instructions that maintain your health. To get the most out of life, you should pay close attention to both of these. They are integrally connected. Without one, the other ceases to exist. You can create your own miracles when you know how to use your mind to direct your health and well-being.

“An army marches on its stomach.” – Napoleon Bonaparte 

Your brain works much better when you feed it proper nutrition. Your brain controls and connects to every part of your body. For all of those billions, perhaps trillions, of connections, functions, and duties your brain must do daily, you should take care of feeding it properly. Your brain consumes more oxygen than any other part of your body. It uses that oxygen to fuel all of the action that is taking place. It is the General of your army – your body, your mind; and yes – your health.

The connection to your body, your health, and your mind are all too relevant to ignore. To ignore the health aspect of Brain Management is undeniable.  How could you conceive you would be at your best if you are not taking steps to feed your brain. To ignore either your health or your brain, puts both at risk. They are forever linked to support each other.

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Bless Yourself Healthy

So, as you are taking time to feed your brain the proper nutrition for maximum output, you may be thinking how to go about directing your health likewise. To direct health and healing is simply done with programming, or telling your mind how to think, to manipulate your body to a positive reaction. In other words, instructing your body to heal. Have you ever heard someone say, “I wish you well”, or “Bless you”. Both are customary ways to wish another person to have good health. You can do this same type of thing for yourself, through programming.

Brain Health Minerals Connection

Brain Power Creating a New Healthier You

The Payoff…

When your brain is working at its’ optimum, everything about you and the things you do become better and easier to achieve. For example, how do you feel after the “big night out, possibly having too much to drink or eating foods you may not be accustomed to. Most people would not feel too good, nor would they feel like taking on a lot of mental tasks. If you balance out the revelry with moderation and limit your personal intake, you will not have the mountain to climb as you wake the next morning, and you will still have energy to burn. As always, the choice is yours.

Everyone relates well with successful people – winners. You may be one, or you may look up to them. You may strive to be one. If your brain is not functioning as well as it should, then you will have a much harder climb. WINNERS EAT WELL TO SUCCEED. Of course there are other things involved as well.

Miracle of Evolution – Your Brain

For clarity, the human brain and body is one of the most complex organisms on the planet. How we ever got to this point in our evolution is a miracle in itself. Due to the complex nature of our design, there are plenty of things that can go wrong, or break down, as we go through life. We can repair and replace much of that which does go wrong, and some things we cannot fix.

When you takes steps to prepare your brain to assist you directly in the undertakings of maintaining your health, you take a proactive stance to make things better. Feeding yourself with proper nutrition gives your brain the best ability to assist your efforts in everything you do.

You are Starving – Depleted Nutrient Food 

Most of you have heard about the basic things that you should do to get it right. You have heard about your electrolytes, antioxidants, Omega fatty acids, and so on. Today I am going to take you one step further – Microelements and minerals.

Microelements and Minerals – Immortality Elixir

There are over 74 naturally occurring minerals that were present at the dawn of time in the primordial soup and prehistoric oceans all life on this planet came from. Therefore, the plants that lived during that time also took up these minerals into their stems and leaves, which remained there after they died.

The more complex the organisms became, the higher number of the naturally occurring elements and minerals were used for purposes within the organism. For instance, without sulphur, your skin would not be as resilient, unless there was another element that your body would use instead to produce the same result. Sulphur is plentiful, so is not really a big concern.

What about selenium. Without  selenium you are naturally at risk of disease. It affects your ability to fight off infections and maladies. It supports your immune system. You only need a tiny amount to take care of all of the functions it supports. How many other microelements support functions of your body without you knowing it?

Production Intensive Farming…

Overuse of intensive planting and harvesting of crops has robbed the soil of its trace elements. The trace elements that used to be in the plants are no longer available. They have moved up and out of the food chain, but have not been replenished to the soil. This has led to large populations of the Earth to be starving from within; leading to much obesity from overeating. Unfortunately, most people do not realize this.

What if there was a way in which you could reach back in time to where it all began, the primordial soup, the ancient grasses and plants, so rich with these organically produced minerals and microelements we just cannot find in food, no matter how much we eat. What if there were certain minerals in the primordial soup that could make you feel better, heal disease, and make you a healthier person. What would that be worth to you? Would you take your cup and reach back through time to get your share?

The Good News…

No, you do not need to build a time machine. There are stockpiles of these microelements and minerals that have been stored away for over 70 million years – in the fossilised remains of the plants from that time. These are available for you today, and should be at the top of your list for healthy living. Healthy living gives you a better brain to gain your successes. Please visit this site for more information on these unique minerals:

I wish you all well!

Shannon Panzo, PhD

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