Information Overload – Killing Your Brain?

Information Overload – Killing Your Brain?

Information Overload, Reading and Photographic Memory

Overwhelmed by information overload? Take a look at this!

According to statistics from there are 7.39 billion pages on the internet and only 2,267,233,746 internet users. It is estimated that it would take one person 31,000 years to visit all sites available to them online without any sleep.



“Mind To Mind ZOX Pro Information Research”


 *GYB = Sorted on Google, Yahoo! and Bing
*YGB = Sorted on Yahoo!, Google and Bing

What would happen if you decided to become an expert in your chosen field? You would have to learn the information it takes to become that expert by reading information. We can’t just open a book and read it to become an expert. It takes at least four years of institutional studying, reading and due diligence. Or is there another way?

Where to find the information? On the Internet! But, you are still stuck with reading. Your PC can provide volumes in minutes, but you are still stuck with that same old way of doing things.

Using Your Photographic Memory for Internet Information

By the time you read the information available to make you an EXPERT in your chosen field, most of that information would be obsolete.

Let’s put your brain to work.  If you were to reverse-engineer what we have just covered, where is the bottleneck?  What is stopping you from covering the required information in only a little time?

The bigger the internet gets, the more information there is. The more we want to consume it. This has to stop somewhere. And it will.


The biggest problem here is it stops you from taking ACTION. When you try to consume more and more information every day, you start to notice that even though you’ve been reading tons of articles, eBooks, press release and so on the stream of incoming information seems to be overwhelming.

Therefore, you most likely will convince yourself that you need to be on a constant lookout for new information if you want to be able to accomplish anything in your life, work and/or passion.

What is your reading average – Photographic Memory

Reading speed averages ~250 words per minute – usually less than one page in a minute.
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cover information like a living breathing computer, accessing millions of words per minute?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could be filling your mind with 25,000, 100,000, even 200,000 words per minute?  What about that photographic memory that you were born with?

Well, you better not take too long to think about it.  You are not just being left in the dust; you are buried and pushing up posies!  Watch out, another day gone,  here comes another billion pages at you.

I Don’t Read, I ZOX !!!


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  • My eyesight is no longer very good. Will I be able to absorb the info as you claim in your course?

    • David,

      Our training deals with information in a very unique way. For the subconscious to gain easy access for the information coming in, we want you to NOT focus. Therefore, you would actually be ahead of those with perfect vision. People wearing glasses are asked to remove them while performing the Mental Photography / ZOXing.


  • Hi, I was wondering if the Zox training would help with procrastinating and focusing on what is at hand. You see I am currently a sophomore in high school and am a really good writer, when I think straight and actually do the work. I also have almost no time to do the reading assignments that I am given, due to the number of hours I spend on my after school athletics, so I am really tempted to give this a try but was wondering if it would also help with the things I have stated above. It would be really great if you would get back to me soon seeing that my grades are very slowly slipping in my language arts class.

    • Hi Brennen,

      The short answer is Yes, we can help.

      Procrastination and disorganization go hand in hand. When you take steps to strengthen you mind by using our exercises, you will gain clarity on your areas of interests and priorities. Additionally you will be prepared to handle information much better. But, ZOX Pro Training is something you commit yourself to do. If you are planning to “try” it, the “try” something else,… until you are ready to “DO” this training. We want you to get results. That happens when you have made the commitment to see it through.


  • I personally speculate the reasons why you named this post, “Information Overload – Killing Your Brain?

    Either way I actually appreciated the article! Thanks for your time,

    • Tracy,

      Sometimes you must scramble a few eggs to make a quiche.

      An article is meaningless, if nobody reads it. Like a tree falling in the woods, nobody hears it.


  • I will immediately clutch your rss as I can not to find your email
    subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any?
    Kindly let me realize so that I may subscribe. Thanks.


    • Carley,

      Pick up a free ebook from us, like “ZOX Pro Training Works…” or “The ZOX Pro Challenge” and that will get you on the list.

      Shannon Panzo