Retirement Planning – Global Economic Crisis

Retirement Planning – Global Economic Crisis

Retirement Planning, Personal Finance and Social Security

Retirement Planning – How to Build Your Retirement Plan

RetirementSuccess is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom” What is success? Success begins with how you think. No one can just “think” their way to success – they must ACT to make it happen.

Thinking about changing careers because you are discontent? The statistics show that 80% of people age 45+ consider changing careers. Almost half of adults are not completely satisfied with the requirements, lack of flexibility, risks and compensation of their current jobs. Many of these individuals will consider changing careers.

Read These Staggering Statistics:

Thinking of retirement at 50? Early retirement planning requires a savings and investment plan that begins early in life. Most of the population has less than $5,000 in the bank for early retirement.

Most people plan to retire in their mid-60s. This is the age range when Social Security benefits become available. At age 65 63% of people are dependent on Social Security, friends, relatives or charity. Only 3% will still be working (most can’t afford to quit and work until they are no longer physically capable) and only 4% will have adequate capital stowed away for retirement.

Average retirement age62
Average length of
18 years
Average savings of a 50
year old
Total cost for a couple
over 65 to pay for medical treatment over a 20 year span
Percentage of people
ages 30-54 who believe they will not have enough money put away for
Percentage of Americans
over 65 who rely completely on Social Security
Percentage of Americans
who don’t save anything for retirement
Total Number of
Americans who turn 65 per day
Percentage of population
that is 65 years of age or older
of 100 people who starts working at the age of 25, by the age 65:
Will be considered
Have adequate capital
stowed away for retirement
Will still be working3%
Are dependant on Social
Security, friends, relatives or charity
Are dead29%
older than 50 account for:
Percent of all financial
Percent of total
consumer demand
Prescription drug
All over-the-counter
Auto Sales47%
All luxury travel
Needed in Savings For Retirement
income need
Needed for 20 Years
Needed for 30 Years
The above sums assume your portfolio will earn a 6 percent annualized return during the course of your retirement and endure 2 percent annual inflation erosion.

“Mind To Mind ZOX Pro Information Research”


At the present time, it is impossible to support a family of two working full time at minimum wage! To think about retirement at this point is impossible.  For the first time in history, the current generation is averaging a lower standard of living than their parents! Automation is taking layoffs to record highs!

Personal finance money MSN reports that you may never retire: The U.S. government has already acknowledged that the official retirement age will need to increase further than the already-revised 67 years. “Retirement ages will have to move to 70, 80 years old,” “making pensions, medical services more affordable. They will keep people working longer and will take that burden off of the youth.”

The Bureau of Statistics says that out of 100 people that start working at the age of 25, by the age of 65…

– 1 is wealthy

– 4 have enough money to retire

– 63 depend on Social Security or charity

– 29 are deceased

95% of people, age 65 and over cannot afford to retire and work until they die!!

And that’s only IF they have jobs to be able to work.

Economically for Retirement

Even huge corporations are SLASHING employees to the minimum …more than half their work force will end up out on the streets looking for a new source of income. No wonder we have lost our faith in “Big Business”

In John Paul Getty’s book, “How To Get Rich,” his first rule for success is, “You must be in business for yourself.  You will never get rich working for someone else.”

We heard about one highly qualified engineer who ended up out on the street after giving 25 dedicated years to his job. His advice?

“Don’t do what I did — wasting 25 years building equity in someone else’s business. Do yourself a favor and start building equity in yourself now!”

Growing Concentration of Wealth

The world’s millionaires and billionaires now control 38.5% of the world’s wealth. Even in the Global Economic Crisis, most of these people were not affected. Even if some did feel the crunch it is still only 1% in control of the global wealth.

So, with only 1% of the people really being in control of most of the world’s wealth, then 99% of the rest of the global population must struggle over the leftovers.   I am reporting the news, not taking sides.

Start making a change for yourself in self-reliance start your retirement plan now, ask yourself, “What should I do? Where do I start?” You can start by providing yourself with GOOD information, fast!

I realize that many of you don’t want to spend the time and energy to learn a new system that provides the tools you need.  In that case, you will most likely remain one of the 99% of working class that does not have a viable retirement, and you will definitely never be in the 1% that controls the wealth of the world.

You may get along very well, even though you do not have this system under your belt.  But, you could also be looking back 5 or 10 years from now, saying, “What if I…”

I don’t like painting the picture of Global Evils that are sitting on the threshold of your doorway.  There are already too many people that are doing that for you daily.  You can start with the media.   I would just like to help you become prepared to deal with things, instead of sticking your head in the sand and hoping it all goes away.  The truth – It WON’T go away.

I know that people from all walks of life benefit in many ways from ZOX Pro Training (Mental Photography).  I have no doubt that you would benefit too. I want everyone to have a happy and sustainable life. What if this training is the key to you having a better life; and you dismissed it.  I strongly urge you to take your next step forward.  Don’t stand in the way of what could be yours.

Longing for better circumstances? – Start ZOXing


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  • Can seven billion people be in business for them selves
    on the monetary system? We need to transition into the
    resource system.That would require us to use our whole brain as ZOXing does,
    “Be Healthy, Be Kind, Respect The Environment”
    J. Tom

    • Hi J. Tom,

      As mush as I would like to see a system of equality across all the global platform we are not likely to see that type of change any time soon.

      7 Billion people do not want to be in business for themselves, because most people don’t actually want that type of responsibility. People often will not even take a look at being in business, because the first question they are asking themselves is, “What if I FAIL?”, Instead of asking themselves, “What if I SUCCEED?” Therefore, let the people that truly want to be in business for themselves be in business. Failure and success is part of that cycle.

      The governments inhibit the world from transitioning into a more productive system by rewarding those that do not need hand-outs. (Please remember, there are people that are truly in need that do deserve our assistance. We acknowledge and support the system that supports them.)

      I could go on further here, but you have heard it all before.

      Whole Brain Learning, such as ZOXing is an excellent way to gain clear advantage. Yes, it would support the system you are mentioning.


  • Hello, I am trying to find out when and where the next live seminar will be held in Australia?

    • Keith,

      We re glad you asked. We just set up some new dates.

      Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
      November 23, 24, 25

      Better get your reservations in now if you want into this one.
      Contact us ASAP.