Dress Your Mind for Success – Words to Live By

Dress Your Mind for Success – Words to Live By

Words Prepare Your Mind for Success

Commitment, Dedication, Perseverance, Determination, Focus

I want to help you achieve greatness with Mind Power and Mind Over Matter. YOU probably don’t even realize the subconscious mind power you possess. YOU can move your world with the power of thought.

If you can fathom what that means – the subconscious mind is the fulcrum for you to lever the universe in such profound ways. I get great pleasure from teaching others simple mind techniques (Brain Management), and sharing their experiences with their new found mental abilities. My clients just increase brain power a little and it does allot! When they increase it allot – WOW!

I am a firm believer that we don’t always need to experience a lesson to the Nth degree to learn by it. I believe we can even learn from others lessons, the roads that others have traveled. And if we can learn by others lessons, we don’t need to experience all the pain associated with our own lessons.

Pain is Life’s Great Teacher

Pain is associated with all lessons. If you want to find out what the lesson is that you are experiencing, and should be observing, look to the source of your pain first. That will point your way to the lesson. Pain can be in many forms; physical, health, stress, spiritual, emotional, financial, etc. So whatever the pain is attached to, that has something to do with your lesson you are to be learning.

The main thing to remember is if the experience goes by, and we don’t observe the lesson attached, we get to do it all over again, and again, and again, until we get it right. What that also means is; the amount of pain that is associated with the lesson is present each time, as well.

Success Is…

A quote that I have heard, and even use loosely, because I don’t really buy into it, is “Success is NOT gauged on what you have gained, but by what you have given up”. The part that I don’t believe about this statement is that it is finite. The universe is a wondrous place. I do believe in the Law of Attraction, which is a contradiction to the nature of this quote. So, I have modified it in a way that accommodates my way of thinking. “MANY SAY – Success is not gauged on what you have gained, but by what you have given up”.

In other words, the quote is spoken into being by the belief the person has in the quote. The person that speaks the first version may, through their own trials and tribulations in achieving success themselves, may have suffered much. That person is more likely to put negative entropy on the quote. A person that enjoyed the journey, most likely would put positive entropy on the same quote. I take ‘middle ground’, let people be ‘human’, and allow them to deal with the quote as they chose.

Oh, The Loss…

I don’t believe you must give things up in order to be successful, more like you should be true to yourself, committed, resourceful, and passionate on your path of success. If this is what I have given things up for, then I’m all in! Now, via the Law of Attraction, if I think I have given something up, or lost something along the way, I would automatically attract whatever I was unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to lose along the way – including poverty consciousness.

Since I, like you, want to give up ideals such as poverty consciousness, then it is in our best interest to come to terms with such ideas, so that we can give them up completely, without regret. Now, you may think that this is allot of work just to make sure you are going to leave behind something that you obviously don’t want in the first place. Now, things get interesting…

Like Losing an Old Friend…

The reason that many have problems leaving poverty consciousness behind is the subconscious mind for one reason or another thinks it is protecting you by keeping your poverty consciousness in place. Even though you consciously want to be rid of it, something (a belief) is stopping your subconscious from releasing it. Until you address it, you will continually sabotage yourself in any efforts that exist outside of your limiting belief.

It is like giving up an Old Friend that has been around forever. Even though that friend always brought its problems with it, it was something you could rely on. Something that was comfortable. You may have even taken great pains to protect it against criticism – blamism, excuses, and so on. But the thought of tossing that old friend onto the rubbish heap and not look back. Now that is a huge hurtle – or is it really? This may be one of those comfortable things you must give up for you to be successful.

Unswerving Commitment

What does it take for you to show unswerving commitment to achieving an outcome? This is a very personalized concept. It is different for most people. You weigh it by your values. How much does something have to be worth to you, before you show unswerving commitment to it?

Dedication goes hand in hand with commitment. Where does perseverance fit in? Perseverance usually has to do with time. How long are you going to stick to your guns and keep plugging away at the objective? When do you give up? Is it something that demands your determination and focus till you succeed or die? What’s the escape clause? This is sometimes referred to as “The Fight”.

My Experience…

I was involved in a scenario just like this a while back. I was heavily engaged in the battle. All of a sudden the battle was over. I did not win, I did not lose. What happened then? If I was so dead set determined to win/succeed? How could this happen? NEW information. This new information was secret information that is not given up until you are actually IN the battle. The new information completely destroyed the reason for the battle in the first place – THERE WAS NO LONGER A BATTLE TO FIGHT! (Flip a coin, and it lands on its’ edge.) The third choice – Life is chocked full of surprises!

But what did I learn from the experience? I learned a HUGE amount in a relatively short amount of time. Even though there was no true outcome, the lessons I learned along the way were immense! I could have told myself that since there was no outcome, that the lessons that came with the experience were invalid. I knew better. I embraced those lessons, and I have become better for them.

As you choose to pursue success at ‘whatever’, you now have a few more things to fathom first. What is your strategy? What is your level of commitment? How much determination do you have in achieving the goal? How perseverant will you be through adversity? Is your willpower and focus good enough to see you through?

Someone that has the perfect plan, but doesn’t possess the stamina to see it through should stop and find something else, because they will most likely fail. And a person that maybe doesn’t have quite the perfect plan, but has the above mentioned qualities at hand, is much more likely to be successful.

How do You Eat an Elephant?

Sometimes it’s like eating an elephant. How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time. Eventually you will get there. That’s what I mean when I say “perseverance”!

As you do your mind techniques and increase brain power and subconscious mind power for the good of yourself, you are also adding to the global consciousness in a phenomenal way. Don’t be selfish with your natural gifts. The power of thought is incredible. There are things such as self-fulfilling prophecy. Many of my clients that never experienced such a thing before are now experiencing manifesting whatever they think about. Sometimes simultaneously! Now THAT is the power of thought!

Good Luck on Your Path.

GREAT Things Happen!

Shannon Panzo

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