New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting

New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting

What’s Wrong With YOUR Goal Setting?

My clients learn mind techniques that increase brain power and awaken the subconscious mind power. Their ability to manifest is the outward expression of the Power of Thought.

You will find that Goal Setting and the Law of Attraction work hand in hand. There are a few differences to how both are said to be accomplished, but as you continue to use both the boundaries get very blurry.

Well, They Say… (Who are ‘They’?)

Let’s start with something you will be familiar with – Goal Setting. People know that Goal Setting doesn’t work. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Let’s take a moment and analyze that statement. “People know that Goal Setting doesn’t work.” No, people assume that it doesn’t work for them because they haven’t done the right things for it TO work for them. Therefore, if it didn’t work for them, how dare it work for someone else. And if someone says that it works for them, then they must be lying! Right? WRONG!

Now you have encapsulated one of the problems – other people’s belief that Goal Setting doesn’t work. It’s like a contagious disease! What’s more is, if you tell someone that ‘knows’ that Goal Setting doesn’t work for them, they will most likely tell you how long and hard they tried, and it wasn’t worth the effort. They even may go on to tell you not to waste your time.

So, here is the first decision you will need to make; are you going to let others influence your way of thinking? If you are, then “Game Over”.

Your Point of Reference…

The next point is YOUR “Point of Reference”. What is your point of reference to where your Goal Setting information is coming from? Let’s say you are new at this so you have little or no experience with Goal Setting or what is possible with it. Where would you go to figure out what types of goals you would like to set for yourself? The Library? The TV? Magazines? Other People? Most likely, you would start with one or more of these.

Let’s start with other people, they would tend to advise you to be how they would like to see you or experience you, or they would not want you to change at all, because they are comfortable with how you are now. Some of their observations or suggestions may be valid, but have little bearing on what you SHOULD pursue. This brings up a good point: Never take on something in Goal Setting or the Law of Attraction if you DON’T want it or expect it not to happen. (More than likely, it will happen.)

How about magazines, television, or most other forms of “Free” Media. Think about it. Someone has to pay the people that operate the cameras, write the stories, act them out, sing, dance, or a myriad of other jobs that people get paid to do. Where does all that money come from? Government subsidy? No. Out of thin air? No. It comes from Advertisers. Advertisers are the life blood of media. They pay for space to advertise. Who pays the advertiser? We do, when we buy their products. So, we ultimately pay for Media.

You must be wondering, why the rhetoric about media? AGENDA! The Media does not care about the agendas that advertisers have by selling product to you via the media. They just want the advertiser to spend money with them. So whether it’s the fastest car, the best(?) diet plan, the cheapest mobile phone service, a facial rejuvenation system from the future, anything goes! Well, just about anything. Knowing this, are you going to let the media influence your Goal Setting? I haven’t even talked about politics in the media. The rest is frightening enough.

What about the library or book store? Well at least you won’t have all the agendas in your face, and you can pick and chose your topics of interests. It is still laden with pitfalls that you need to be aware of. Let’s say you go to the self-help section. Great! You want to do yourself some good internal re-wiring. Did you know that between 80-90% of Self Help books are written as a promotional tool. Very few are written simply for the fact of constructive change. Of course they want something out of their efforts.

What’s My Agenda?

Many of my clients look for undisclosed agendas. You must be wondering by now what my agenda is?  I’ll tell you. First, I want you to get to know me and where my head is. I want you to know what I put my name on, a transparent look of how I think about things and my level of understanding of the human condition. Best, is that you may come to the understanding that I have it in my heart to help people overcome their problems, on their own. I provide insights and tools to accomplish that. My tools that people want are presented in the form of on-line training and seminars. Hopefully, one day I will get to see your smiling face looking back at me. I help people just like you every day to succeed and be happy in their life.

What is My BEST Point of Reference?

Gee, I thought you would never ask. (Joking) There is this wonderful thing that you have available to you at all times. It will never let you down. It will always direct you to the best ends, for you. It is the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has the ability to give you the solutions for every problem, the answer for every question, and much, much more than you can possibly conceive! All you need to do is learn how to tap that endless resource that you already possess.

There are many different ways to do this. Some do it through meditation, some via bio-feedback, dowsing, muscle testing, and so on. There are many ways to tap it, but to do it effectively in the world we live in, and learn to ‘trust’ what it is saying for you to do – things may get a little complicated here for you. I teach people from all walks of life how to do this every day. That is why I am talking to you about this. If you don’t get this part right, then all of the goal setting in the world will amount to little, if nothing. And therefore, you too would become one of the disenchantedby failure.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Goal Setting

Some Goal Setting coaches say to take it in small steps, so that you don’t step out of your comfort zone, but build upon achievable successes. For the un-initiated, that IS the best way. It builds your belief in yourself that you can do it, you are doing it, and you can do it more the next time – by taking baby steps. That is alright for some, but most approach Goal Setting and Law of Attraction when they see something BIG on their plate.

Some Goal Setting Coaches go purely on the Law of Attraction – Whatever your heart desires, and you already have it yesterday. For the un-initiated, this proposal dooms most of you to failure. Why? Because in the world that you have lived in before this moment, you learned to believe that such things are impossible. Therefore, for you, at this moment, it is as impossible as the Moon falling out of the sky and landing in your lap. It’s just not going to happen.

Some Goal Setting Coaches have been so disenchanted by Goal Setting, that they left the industry all together. What works for some, don’t work for others. Why? We are all different. We are all coming at Goal Setting from different angles and objectives. The system that applies to everyone is overbroad. But, there is one that stands above the rest, and stands the test of time. It establishes a ‘Relationship’ between the individual, the Universe, and what that person is going to ‘allow’ taking place.

The system I am talking about is a combination of light meditation, self administered subconscious programming, and Proper Goal Setting based on the individual person. It accommodates all types – from the beginner to those excelled at manifesting. In the eBrain Executive Seminar, the accelerated version is called “The Path of Least Resistance”, and it is revealed to you, at depth. In our other trainings, even though the Path of Least Resistance is not specified, the components of this way of thinking are all there. This includes the ZOX Pro Training. (Each of our trainings are built for you to achieve results.)

NOT a Magic Pill…

Since our trainings may be significantly different from how many people think about such things, they are not for everyone. For you to gain the full benefit from our trainings takes commitment, perseverance, and faith. We want people to make HUGE Gains with our system – and YOU CAN!

There are actually many things you should take into account with regards to Goal Setting or the Law of Attraction. At least now you will be a little more prepared for when you want to embark upon Goal Setting. You may have picked up a few words of wisdom to right what you did wrong the last time you tried it. The point is DON’T GIVE UP.

Where’s the Meat?

We started talking about New Years Resolutions. What happened to that topic? Well, we were just preparing the way – the way for you to finally be successful with your New Years Resolutions. Here is the strategy spelled out for you. If you are already successful with manifesting, then do it the best you can for the New Year.

If you are new at this, or have not been overly successful in the past, then at least get the ZOX Pro Training under your belt. (That’s it for the Sales Talk). If you want to be successful with your New Years Resolution, then do what it takes to get it right! Stop trying to build your castle on shifting sand!

Remember, I do have your best interest in mind. How do you know? Because I am NOT telling you how to think or what to think. I give you different ways to look at things, but if you dismiss them or disagree with them, that’s fine!

It is one my highest goals to get you to think for yourself. Do you want to increase your brain power? Then do so! Do you want to tap the hidden resources of your subconscious mind power? Then do so! Do you want to learn mind techniques that will make your power of thought amazing? Then do so! The monkey is on your back. I never make anyone do anything. The only person that can make you choose to do something is you!  Isn’t it about time to make a change for the better? Do it right this time!

Miracles Happen Every Day, You Just Need to Realize Them.

Best Wishes for the New Year

Shannon Panzo

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