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Increase Brain Power with Mental Photography

Study, get good grades, Mental Photography

Do want Good Grades, Study Little, AND Have a Life?

This is an issue that presents itself time and again. Students of all ages benefit when they increase brain power. Since the subconscious mind is the doer, put it to work for you to allow you to excel, and make your life more enjoyable. Good clear mind techniques are the vehicle. Like a muscle, your mind becomes stronger. Even the power of thought over your obstacles becomes second nature.

Traditional Study to achieve good grades…

It has been calculated you should study 2-3 hours or more for every hour you spend in class. That’s INSANE! But that is exactly what people do to achieve good grades in school. Why should we, the most advanced organisms on the planet be so ineffective at the one thing that sets above all other organisms – our ability to learn?

Just Imagine…

What if there was a way that you could cut your study time down to a mere fraction of what is required, get even better grades than before, have a life outside of school, and even enjoy going to school knowing it would be stress free and easy? What would you do to get it?

Are you serious about getting good grades?

A study was done back in the 1970s to find out what the ideal learning temperature is. The results of that research shows that we learn most effectively at 41 degrees Fahrenheit? The person that came up with that study, should be studied themselves. It’s excruciating – attempting to learn anything at that temperature. You are too busy trying to keep warm. I hope you can write with your mittens on.

While we are growing up and going through the rigors of what school means to us, we are constantly reminded that we need good (if not great) grades in school. But school is boring. Why are we still using methods of teaching from the 1800s in the school system of today? Sure there are some schools that teach outside of that forum, but most schools teach the same old way.

Bringing You Up to Speed with Mental Photography…

Even into the 1950s you learned everything you needed to survive by 5th grade. After that, it was just extra. In the world of today, you cannot afford to stop learning – ever. The amount of information that we need, to be fluent in just one topic, is mind boggling. In 1995, over 1 million new books were written in that year. The amount of books written each year since has increased exponentially.

No wonder that students feel bored and unchallenged in school. There is a whole world of information out there and others want to deliver it to you as fast as you can take it in – the Internet. I remember when people programmed their own Commodore (PC). Now most PCs run in the Gigahertz range. Even though our mind is capable of assimilating information at these fantastic speeds, there is something getting in the way.

What is the constriction to this information flow? It is actually one of the first things that everyone is taught in school – READING. No wonder school is boring. Reading is at the heart of it all. All the while your mind is screaming out, “Give me more, I WANT IT!”

A Thought About Reading, Study, and Grades…

The general schooling systems ‘think’ they are doing a good job when it comes to ‘reading’. They think that because reading works for more than half of the children. So they pat each other on the back telling themselves how well they did. They are DELUSIONAL! When most people go to school, 50% is a FAILING grade. I guess they cannot abide by their own rules.

The Internal Dialog of a Student…

In Grade School it started. The typical parent / child conversation would go, “I just want to have fun. My friends are doing fun things, but I have to do homework. My parents say my grades aren’t good enough. I have trouble concentrating. School is boring.”

In High School, with a few more things we can be doing, but the dialog pretty much stays the same, “My friends are going out and having a fun time without me. I have to study too much to keep my grades up. I don’t have a social life. Why don’t the jocks need to study? If I study too much, I will be one of the geeks. If I do too well, nobody will like me. I want straight A’s, but I don’t want to work hard to get it. I want school to be easy and have fun with my friends.”

Finally, some of us go on to higher education. Our priorities have changed, we have taken on a pseudo-responsibility, but the internal dialog says, “And I thought high school was hard! I need to cheat just to keep my grades up. If my grades slide, I lose my student grant. How can I have a ‘life’ when all I do is go to class, study, and work to pay for what my tuition doesn’t? This sucks – I am so tired all of the time. Mom, can you wire me some money,…again? My social life is my computer. If I could only reduce my study time – I might have a life!” Thus reveals the life of another dysfunctional person.

Did you know…?

Statistically, a college graduate will spend 4-5 years getting a degree, spending on the average $80,000 for the degree, and will only make an additional $130,000 OVER THEIR ENTIRE LIFETIME. That’s only an earning of $50,000 extra. Most will settle into a field that has nothing to do with their degree, and almost none of them will ever use most of the information they have learned during college. If you are putting several years of YOUR LIFE into a degree, it better pay off better than that!

You Can Change That…

Starting today, you could start using your natural abilities to Super-Excel at whatever you desire. These are abilities you are born with – so you never lose them. Abilities that when activated, will propel you as far as you want to go. Did you ever wonder why children are Pure Genius? They are information sponges! You can be too, if you set aside the idea that Reading is the only way you can get information.


They Tricked You

Somebody played a Vicious Evil Trick on you when you went to school. Instead of allowing you to learn as you had always learned everything so effectively, they taught you to Read. They even convinced you to let go of that ‘old childish way of natural learning’ – Your Photographic Memory. (The photographic memory in children is known as the Eidetic Memory.)

Did you know that you can regain (rebuild) access to your photographic memory? When you were born, it was completely turned on. Well, it still is. You just don’t know how to access it anymore.

We Will Show You How.

I teach people how to regain the access to and from their Photographic Memory. I teach Mental Photography. The act of performing Mental Photography super-excites the mind and exercises the brain in phenomenal ways. It taps into and exercises all of the regions of the brain, including your naturally occurring photographic memory. Since we are dealing with information based material and exercises, the photographic memory becomes less elusive, a little more obvious, and contactable. Thus we get to begin experiencing it with various types of recall from there.

Now, you may have been watching a few too many movies on television, and saw Total Recall or Rainman, but that is not quite how this is in reality. Recall is Not expected to be like someone turned on the lights. Usually it starts in more subtle ways. Maybe you start reading a book you have Mentally Photographed and you FEEL you have read it before, like deja vu. You may find yourself in a conversation that you really know nothing about the topic, or so you thought, until you start streaming out statistical data, or precise information on the topic. Then you realize you Mentally Photographed a book on that subject.

These are only a couple of examples of what is possible when you start seeing the recall happen – and it grows, it gets better, and more reliable as you continue to use the Mental Photography and the recall methods that stimulate the recall to happen even more. Another thing – do you really think that your ‘conscious’ mind that has been defending reading for all those years is going to just “let it happen” if the light bulb suddenly does come on? You will most likely find a resounding NO! It’s simply the nature of the beast.

We prepare you for the growth curve that you need to take on. We have been teaching this a very long time, and we know the best way for our clients to gain results with the techniques. We have had over 30 years to know what works.

But, Your Cheating!

If you are a student, and one your acquaintances has carried over a photographic recall memory from their childhood. If they use that ability to pass tests in school, are they cheating? The answer is NO. If you learn how to use the same ability for yourself and use it to answer your tests, are you cheating? You may be surprised of your answer. The answer is still NO, because everyone has these abilities. They are natural. Therefore, it is not cheating. But it IS the Ultimate Edge.

So if you want to see what the subconscious mind power can do for you, if you want our mind techniques to release that huge ability you have, if you want to increase brain power and really make something of yourself, then you have come to the right place.

Study Easier Faster Smarter – use Mental Photography!

Great Things Happen Here!

Shannon Panzo

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  • Luke Roland Balane

    I enjoy reading articles from your site. Some of these studies and programs mentioned are incredible however, I sometimes wonder about their authenticity.

    Please clarify…

  • Hi,
    I am really excited by the possibilities offered by mental photography and I’m ready to jump in and see for myself by enrolling in your course but –
    It throws me for a loop when you say things like “…a college graduate…on the average…will only make an additional $130,000. OVER THEIR ENTIRE LIFETIME”.
    If the average college student works 250 days per year for 30 years, that works out to $13.33 per day or $1.67 per hour.
    Are you sure about that?

  • Hi Brian,

    I guess I am not 100% accurate. These are the statistics that I had in the USA 10-12 years ago. Due to shear economics, I would estimate that the amount made per college graduate today is probably on par or less than that. Please keep in mind that a high percentage of college graduates are working at McDonalds or the Post Office. Most are not working in the profession they studied for. If you can dig up stats that are accurate to today, I will only be too happy to Share them with everyone.


  • Hi Brian,

    I guess I am not 100% accurate. These are the statistics that I had in the USA 10-12 years ago. Due to shear economics, I would estimate that the amount made per college graduate today is probably on par or less than that. Please keep in mind that a high percentage of college graduates are working at McDonalds or the Post Office. Most are not working in the profession they studied for. If you can dig up stats that are accurate to today, I will only be too happy to Share them with everyone.


  • This sounds like a fabulous way to learn! i myself am ready to start college very soon and would love to be able to learn through mental photography as well. One question though, zox training system claims that you can read a 300 page book in 3 mins with 77-100 comprehension! does that mean you would have understood everything you read? would one be able to recall anything discussed in the book?

  • Roberto,

    Reading and Speed reading are very similar brain processes. Both use reading, which is a taught ability and is not an ability that we are born with. We learn how to read, but it is not very effective. Also, to learn reading in the traditional way, we sacrifice our availability to the NATURAL Photographic Memory (also known as the Eidetic Memory) that we are born with and is highly effective at learning, until we learn to read.

    Now, reading gives you a ‘feeling’ that you have read something. Mental Photography gives you a different sensation altogether – because it is a different brain function. But this NATURAL brain function assimilates information at 100 times the potency of reading. We teach people how to bridge the gap between the Mentally Photographed information and the Conscious mind that we associate with what we feel we get when we ‘read’ something.

    There is much more to it than that, but after learning our methods thoroughly, most people never want to go back to the old way of ONLY having reading to rely upon.

    In reality, statistically you only understand about 5% of what you read, and you may think you are doing good with that. It is well worth the effort to have 100 times that available to you. Now some of you would say, “Shannon, that would mean 500%!” Yes, that’s true. When you experience it for your self to this degree, you will quickly understand the difference.

    Always keep in mind, we are not selling a “Magic Pill” here. It does take time, perseverance, and work to be able to re-access this wonderful NATURAL ability. It is worth it!

  • David Alexander

    Hi Shannon,
    I’m learning more about how our minds really work and I’m also discovering the crime that has been at work in the USA to keep people from knowing the truth about our minds and the awesome power we all possess. I’m doing everything I can to get the money to buy this program. I believe everyone should at least have access to this type of information. This should be taught in schools.

  • Hi,

    How long on average does it take for somebody using ZOX Pro Training to regain access to their natural photographic memory (aka eidetic memory)?

  • Hi

    I was also wondering…does Mental Photography actually increase IQ?

  • Jack,

    There are many things that go into the IQ tests that create a picture of what can ONLY be a genius. They are prejudiced toward people that have a formalized education centralized on mathematics, language, etc. Much of this is considered cultural. A person may actually be of a much higher intellect than average, but if their culture does not support the same ideals that the IQ test is based upon, then it makes it considerably more difficult for that person to score well.

    That being said, whenever you increase just your vocabulary you will score higher on the IQ test. So that would say that you have achieved gaining a higher IQ. Vocabulary is only one aspect of what you will be increasing your intellect in as you develop your skills with the training.

  • Robert F. Carlson

    I am curious what the medium of delivery is and what the specific product consists of ?

  • It depends what method of delivery you are speaking of. We have 2 different seminars, a home study box set, and an on-line training. They all have different methods of delivery.

  • Hi Shannon, I need something to help my memory. I am bad with remembering things and it is effecting my ability to grow my business. I go to seminars and conferences and I hear what they are saying but unless i write it down I have forgot it the next day. Will your program help me? I returned from a 3 day conference yesterday and what I heard will help my business but I only half the information that I wrote down. It seems a waste of money and time if I cant retain the information.

  • I am interested in buying the ZOX Pro Training, but I recently purchased the mind accelerator book from Volition Thought House . I was wondering if your program is the same. I did NOT find that the Volition Thought House system worked for me.
    Thank you.

  • Your in the right place Rod. We will get you on track with all those things, and more!

  • Syed Mumtaz Hussain Kazmi

    Hi Shannon, I am really fascinated by what you claim your zox programme can achieve. But can you concretely say that what are the chances for a person to master the techniques and produce the desired results/ or can you tell me out of hundred enrolled students with you, how many would be completely successful in reading 25000 wpm which is the minimum threshold.

  • I used to have this type of memory – I have passed many a test without actually “reading” the assignments. It was hard for me to understand why my friends where always studying. I could recall lectures verbatim. On essays my teachers often accused me of cheating because they contained phrases from the textbooks. (Then I learned to re-phrase concepts.) Somewhere along the way this ability was lost, perhaps from not using it. Now I see a way of regaining it.

  • Dear Emma,

    You are definitely in the right place!

  • Hi,
    I am an engineering student. so is it possible for me to photograph a mathematics book on the last evening and appear in exam on the very next day. Will I be able to recall everything. 25000 wpm is that mean that I can cover my whole semester syllabus in one day?????????

    • We have many people that can Mentally Photograph, ZOX, information just that thoroughly. Please see this Youtube video for reference:

      Whether YOU can do these same great feats depends upon YOU. The system works. But YOU are the wild card here. You bring with you all your past beliefs and baggage that will inhibit your results. As you let go of these old encumbrances, your shackles that have been holding you back fall away. The more you free yourself, the more the system acts to free you to achieve mighty things.

  • Hi,

    I am kind of special. Okay, I used to be, but with your information I can see I was just normal.

    I was very excellent with memory, my grades were perfect, and life was simple. But something happened and I lost it all… Now I can see all that can come back. I’ll do whatever you require me to as long as my results are perfect. I am looking forward to being your most favorite client.

    • Shafique,

      Perfection, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder – you.

      Your perfection, and the perfection of others would vary wildly. Please gain perspective. If you have not done so yet, please get the free ebook from in the right hand column, “ZOX Pro Training Works…” –>

      This will help you gain perspective.


      PS: Everyone is Special!


    I want to learn the technique of mental photography (ZOXing).

  • Hi,
    does using brain entrainment (such as Brain Evolution [binaural tones]) at the same time you’re doing the Zox Pro Training modify in any way the results obtained or is it the same as just the Zox Pro training alone?

    • Luisja,

      ZOX Pro Training is designed to be a stand-alone training. It is effective. There are few enhancements that are specifically designed for ZOX Pro Training. The down-side is while you may want to enhance your experience, you may nullify the effects of both. Since there are a huge number of these out there, we cannot test them to see which work or not. So, we recommend that you observe if you are not having results, then you should consider this may be the problem.

      Another issue is when you are doing too many things at the same time, you will not know what is giving you the results. See this article:


  • I remember when I was in high school as an art major, and I would just see the stuff. I wanted to know where it came from, but I did not really understand where it came from. It must be this type of thing with the photographic memory.

    I now want my college age daughter and my middle school son to relearn this to make it easier to accomplish their goals.

  • Hi Shannon sir

    I want to know how many days it will take to learn mental photography, ZOXing?

    • Jeswin,

      As you go through ZOX Pro Training, you will learn Mental Photography and the synergistic exercises that support ZOXing and your other efforts to accomplish your goals. Remember, this is whole life enhancement. It is not limited to just information.

  • Hi Shannon,
    I heard that in ZOX Pro Training they are about 7-8 exercises.
    So my doubt is that weather to do all of the exercises daily or do each one daily? Please clarify.
    Sai S.

    • Sai S.,
      Yes, you could say there are 7 or 8, but really there are just 5 you can expand out using the methodology we teach you.
      Yes, we teach you all of the exercises you need to get results. It is simple.
      BUT, the combination of all of the exercises together gives you results much faster than if you were to break them apart.
      So, yes, you use all of the exercises each day.

  • It Works

  • Hi Shannon,
    I have started using ZOX Pro Training and stopped in between and again started using and stopped,they are many different pauses in between. Now I decided that I do until I master those skills. So what is the procedure for those who started and paused? Please comment.

    • Arvind,
      Sorry, but that answer is reserved for the Client Helpdesk. Please submit your question there and we will give you the answer. Please make sure to include your Username, so you can be verified.

  • Hi MR. Shannon,
    I have few doubts questions about ZOX Pro Training. After the training, can we apply these techniques to learn computer programming languages like java, python, etc.?
    Can we learn them effectively in less amount of time?
    Can we photograph ebooks?
    As I understand, everything will go into the subconscious and I will have everything there, and will be retained life long?

    • Rahul,
      Languages, including computer languages can be learned the same way. Once you have increased your overall proficiency with ZOX Pro Training, when you apply it to languages, your task will be much more efficient and effective than if you do it in the conventional manner.
      Learning effectively in less time. Most clients learn the same amount of information in LESS THAN 10% the amount of time it normally would take them. Many will be doing it much faster than that.
      ebooks – Yes! We provide an instruction that comes to you in the Supplemental Training emails.
      Retention for life – Yes
      …and there are even more good surprises in store for you.
      Shannon Panzo

  • Hi,
    Is it necessary to do all the exercises at one go daily?
    What I mean is, I can do first 3 exercises in the morning and the rest in the evening? Will it be efficient like that?

    • Anand,
      It is actually better for you if you split up the exercises around your day. If you are applying the exercises to your daily activities, then you are much more likely to see many good things happen to you and for you. By entwining it with your activities, you move it into your life in a natural way. That is where it truly belongs… because everything we do is natural. It simply becomes a part of your life. Eventually, you will not think about doing it. You will naturally be doing it. You may even need to ask yourself, “How did I do ‘that’ before?”
      Shannon Panzo

  • Hi Dr. Panzo,

    I have some questions regarding ZOX Pro Training.
    After successfully completion of this training and mastering mental photography, will whatever I see, including random clutter that I pass while walking around, goes directly into long term memory?
    If I watch video tutorials on YouTube, will I remember them and master them in a single go? Does everything just directly go to long term memory?

    John Adam

    • John Adam,
      You have a bit of a conceptual error.
      You are born with your photographic memory fully turned on and functional. You never lose it.
      Therefore, your photographic memory automatically records everything you do and experience in life. Most of those instances you do not need to record, but you do.
      So, if you have something important happen and you do not consider it important at the time, then initially you may forget about the occurrence. But through hypnosis, you can pull great detail from the “newly made important” event.

      The other aspect of this is actually the part of your brain that deals with your short-term memory – the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a limiter that tells the conscious mind what information is NOT important, so that the NON-IMPORTANT information is “forgotten” by the conscious mind. It is the same reason you cannot remember the details that you can remember under hypnosis. Once the hippocampus has determined what information to keep in the short-term memory, it takes about 48 hours for that (~5% of the original amount of information) information to be sent to the long term memory, relative to you having conscious recall of that same information.

      All of the information is buried in your long term memory via your subconscious, but most can only be recalled if you have built the bridge that you build with ZOX Pro Training.

      As for your Youtube tutorials… only you will be the person that can say that for sure. Too many variables or us to make an assessment.
      Shannon Panzo

  • Hi Mr. Shannon
    How much time does it take daily to practice all those exercises?

    • Roshan,
      Some people would be asking you, “Do you not think it is worth your time?”
      Our clients would say “You are insane not to put forth your time to gain a tremendous control living your life better than ever before.”
      So, The most time any exercise will take is 15 minutes, and the exercises should be staged over your day. Most clients settle out on 1.5 hours per day. But the more you devote your time to this, the faster you gain your objectives.