Engage Your Brain – Combat Information Overload

You thought you were overwhelmed by information before?  Just look at this!

There are over 1 trillion pages on the internet, whereas there are only 6.7 billion people!  And it is estimated that it would take one person 31,000 years without any sleep to visit all of them.  This has all been built since 1969.

What would happen if you wanted to be an expert in any field?  First you would start with information.

Where do most people get information these days?

The Internet

By the time you read the information available to make you an EXPERT in your chosen field, most of that information would be obsolete.

Let’s put your brain to work.  If you were to reverse-engineer what we have just covered, where is the bottleneck?  What is stopping you from covering the required information in only a little time?


Reading speed averages ~250 words per minute – usually less than one page in a minute.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cover information like a living breathing computer, accessing millions of words per minute?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could be filling your mind with 25,000, 100,000, even 200,000 words per minute?  What about that photographic memory that you were born with?

Well, you better not take too long to think about it.  You are not just being left in the dust; you are buried and pushing up posies!  Watch out, another day gone,  here comes another billion pages at you.

I Don’t Read, I ZOX !!!

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  • This is complete and utter nonsense.

    • Hi “Avid Reader”,

      It makes me happy when I can be of service to a another VegSource friend. Next time, please be so kind as to leave your REAL name and email address so we can have a “dialog” instead of you tossing your two cents into the ring and running away.

      To give you the answer you so desperately want to chew on:

      “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.”

      It is YOUR nonsense. You own it.

      We ENABLE people to CHOOSE. That might frighten you.

      Good luck out there in the cold cruel world, Avid Reader.

      We will stay warm, together; knowing that we are doing our best.

  • Well, I bought it ( you wont publish what I say, anyhow ) Seriously though can you actually do it ?

    If what they say is true that under 5 YO having it already, then what they are saying is everyone can be a genius by the age of 5. By that I mean have your under 5’s Mentally Photograph every book of importance (as many as you can).
    So when they are older and they can actually read, THEY will be GENIUS .

    OK then just curious why haven’t millions of children become GENIUS????

    Look forward to your reply.

  • Whoaw, sounds cool… but… What is ‘ZOX’ ? 🙂

    • Bina,

      Define the Universe in 30 words or less! (That is equivalent to the question you just asked.)

      You should take some time and study our various web sites and articles so you become better informed. As everyone is different, ZOX Pro Training becomes unique for each student.

      Here are some links to look at:
      And of course, please dig through the articles on http://MINDtoMIND.com/