Brain Management Home Study Course

Brain Management Home Study Course

(Sold With CD’s)


Presented by Richard Welch, The “Father of Mental Photography”!

Richard Welch is the AWARD-WINNING founder of BRAIN MANAGEMENT®, SUBLIMINAL DYNAMICS®, MENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY®, and SUBLIMINAL PHOTOGRAPHY®. Since 1975, he provided research and development needed to simplify access to our brain’s natural abilities. Mental Photography continues to give ordinary people amazing results. Although the research and development never stops, Mental Photography has reached maturity in time to help an ever over-burdened world find the solution to tomorrow’s problems today!

Business professionals, CEO’s, educators, government personnel, scientists, students, and people from all walks of life learn and implement these innovative methods successfully. The applications of this process are limitless — the results are extraordinary. As research and growth continues, we look forward to tomorrow’s challenges.


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Easy to learn! Easy to Use! Start Now!
Dynamic Brain Management and Mental Photography ®
Don’t Venture Into LIFE Without it!

You Will Learn How To . . .

· Train the functions of your brain. Increase learning speed dramatically.
· Improve your ability to concentrate.
· Improve your memory.
· Increase awareness and perception.
· Recognize and trust intuition and apply it in your life.
· Get more productivity from sleeping time.
· Use new methods of creative problem solving.
· Relax and reduce stress.
· Facilitate health and wellness of mind and body.


“…pretty creepy – it worked!” – “MAXIM” Magazine

“We got the course a month ago from you and are elated at the all over developmental jump the method caused in our life, retrieving the pre-school original state of mind, and doing away with the trance that schooling inserted in our brain/subconscious mind. We are primarily interested in the realms of the psyche/subconscious mind the method opens up,word absorption/learning,etc comes as a nice side effect. We are determined to find out as much as we can about the mystery of why this works. Congratulation with an absolutely revolutionary way of developing our minds!” – Cornelius S.

“Thank you for this wonderful course!” – G. Walker

“I have purchased the home study course and love it!” – K. Winn

“I admit, I love it!” – M. Hagen
“I find it amazing!” – B. Heff
“I just had to let someone know, this is the best course I have ever bought and used so far. I have noticed immediate results with it. My focus and concentration is much greater. I am very confident that I will have much greater understanding of myself, and my potentials in this life. Thank you!” – M. Barber
Richard Welch will personally guide you through your Dynamic Brain Management and Mental Photography ® Training. As the founder and seminar host, your success is assured in an easy-to-follow CD and workbook format.

Here is what you get in this beautiful HOME STUDY COURSE:

8 CDs with Personal Instruction by RICHARD WELCH covering these important topics:
Secrets of How You Learn
Your Arsenal of Natural Learning
Training the Functions of Your Brain

PLUS . . .

The 40 page Dynamic Brain Management and Mental Photography Workbook
The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary
A Book for Your First Mental Photography ® Session
Tests to Check Your Comprehension
A Personal Achievement Journal for logging your results
All Protected in an Attractive Presentation Binder!

PLUS! . . .

FREE Bonus book: An additional book for positive change.
FREE Bonus CD:
“Take Control Of Your LIFE!” by Richard Welch (a $30.00 value)
FREE Bonus $50.00 Coupon Towards attendance at the LIVE SEMINAR!
This program will allow YOU to have better access to the “do” function of your brain — your Subconscious. YOU will be building a very solid rapport between the Conscious and Subconscious parts of your brain. This is accomplished by bringing MENTALLY PHOTOGRAPHED ® information from the Subconscious to the Conscious through strengthened neural pathways normally unused in traditional learning techniques. By using these same strengthened neural pathways, YOU can program YOUR life for ease, success, health, wealth, . . . whatever YOU want!

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