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Shannon Panzo, PhD (hons)

I am an Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancing techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. My students / clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking your unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography.

Mental Photography is your ability to tap into your natural photographic memory you were born with and re-establish that connection.

eBrain Management is the Executive Version taught ONLY by myself, primarily in Australasia. The advanced methods that I teach is the result of collaborative efforts between myself and my Mentor, Richard Welch, the “Father of Mental Photography” and Founder of Brain Management and CEO of Educom, Inc. [For clarity, Brain Management is Subliminal Dynamics (USA), and Mental Photography is Subliminal Photography (USA) ].

Resulting from my work, I have a honorary PhD in the field of Philosophy, and was nominated for many “Who’s Who?” awards, one of which was “Top Intellectuals of 2000″.

My intellectual pursuits include advanced problem solving, advanced programming techniques, critical thinking, lateral thinking, as well as esoteric and eclectic concepts,and living life using a simple formula for success, which I have named “The Path of Least Resistance“. In short,… learning to smell the roses, with the Universe on your side.

This all may sound rather complex, but I make these concepts easy to understand and user-friendly.

I want to bring out the best in humanity. The resources that each person has sitting on their shoulders is vast beyond comprehension. Brain Management and Mental Photography is the perfect vehicle to unleash a persons unlimited abilities.

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  • Hi and thanks. Question: Is your online program as powerful as, less powerful as, or just as powerful as…your live version. I am very interested, but can’t make it to Australia right now. Thanks, Brad

    • Brad,

      They are all powerful because they are all set up for you to gain results.

      The seminars will make everything more effective, because they have more topics and more detail to all of the topics.


  • My 9 year old son is still having trouble reading. Is this an optimal age to begin with ZOX Pro Training? My other question is: Have you discovered limits to the minds abilities?

  • My question is this;

    I just went through the ZOX Pro training system and I am a little confused.
    We are told about people reading between 25,000 wpm and 650,000 wpm.

    Which of course, is possible by flipping the pages quickly. But let me ask you, what about the triggering phase of mental photography?

    Do these people go through the triggering phase after being flashed this information? Or are they so advanced that they don’t even need to do this anymore?

    Please clarify, because I am confused.

    • Jason Tutt,

      You seem overly confused. We cannot find you in our system, so you must have an

        incomplete copy

      of our work. All of the things you are asking about are covered in the training.

      Please submit a Ticket at the Helpdesk with your Receipt number, so we can give you further assistance.


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