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Free Your Spirit

Mental Photography Gives You Wings

Surprise! Your Spirituality has gone missing. Not really; you have just been neglecting it. It is time to pay more attention to something that is very important to your well being – your spirit. Later, I will show you the unique, much sought after tasks that Mental Photography performs within your brain, building you a better, resilient brain, and making your success with Spirituality much easier.

What is Spirituality?

You can read the definition of spirituality, and you still know nothing about it. Spirituality is something you must meditate on, and immerse yourself into from time to time. It is a relationship – a bond between you and the rest of the Universe – your connection to God. This connection must be nurtured and fed with good vibration and energy. It connects you to this world, and the natural God-given talents you have. You are always connected to some degree. But the connection must be strengthened to get the most out of life.

If you asked 100 different people what spirituality means to them, you will likely have 100 different answers. It is a relationship that must be nurtured and developed over time. It can only be developed and strengthened by you. Nobody else can do it for you. One of the best ways to gain direct access for developing your spirituality is through meditation.

Daily Routine can Interfere with Your Spiritual Pursuits

Many of us get so caught up in all the different things we need to do each day, by the time we should take time out for the important things, we are too tired or stressed out. And there is always that mind numbing  television you can rely upon. The TV does in a sense numb your brain, because it is designed to put you in an altered state of consciousness, where you are more susceptible to suggestions, and to follow the instructions of the commercials or programs. All the more reason to meditate instead.

The world has been speeding up significantly for quite some time. Some methods of thought talk about an ever tightening spiral that we are on; and we are running at full speed just to keep up. Have you ever given it thought how all of those time saving gadgets do not seem to save any time, no matter how many you have? If you want to save time, you must use your mind.


Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual. They all work together. They work best when they are kept in balance. To neglect one, causes the other two to be less effective. The physical is the world you walk around in – the things you can directly touch, hear, smell, etcetera. It also involves the places you need to be or travel – where you live in the beta state, or conscious level. The mental and emotional is the force behind why you do the things you do. Your intellectualism, responsibilities, morals, objectives, and relationships with others, including pets.

Here is a basic way of looking at it… You feed and take care of your pet (a dog…) because you want to have a dog that is happy and healthy, so it responds to you in reciprocation – caring. Most traditional pets, such as dogs and cats tend to respond in this way. I personally find it funny when a person has trained their dog to get their slippers, or even fetch a beer from the fridge – Ha! At least the dog is on the fast track of appreciation. Whereas, if you wanted a cat to get you a beer, you had better get it yourself.


Spirituality is the  energy that connects everything. It connects you to your mother and your family; it connects you to the dog, the neighbour, even your enemy. It connects you to everyone and everything in the Universe (God) at the same time. You cannot reject it. It is still there. Since it is one-third of your wholeness, wouldn’t it be better if you knew more about it, and strengthened your connection to it. It would make a big difference if you did. This is not about control. It is about understanding the relationship of what you are doing here, and are meant to do in the Universe.

Once you have gained this understanding, it teaches you by raising your awareness to the world around you. You begin to feel the energy around you. You can feel the shift as other people come and go in the room you are in. They too possess and carry their own energy. Most people have not refined their spiritual connection and they leak energy. This can also be stray thoughts that adepts can easily feel and read. Have you ever wondered why a mental discipline is referred to as “discipline”? You can actually increase the energy you have available just by focusing your energy back into yourself, instead of letting it bleed out all over the place. Places that have large gatherings of people can feel like you are walking through a swamp. (Where’s the dog with the beer when you need him… Ha!)

Making Time

“Your Subconscious is NOT Limited to Time, nor Space.” – Richard Welch, PhD

This next section may stretch you a bit. You may not accept these things, because you do not have the information that supports it, YET! Your subconscious has incredible abilities. You can create time, or extra time, by having your mind do it for you. Amazingly, you can still get all the things done that you needed to do, and more. Since your subconscious is the apex of where everything comes together; your physical world, your mentality and emotions, your spirituality, and all the connections you have with the Universe join up; it is where you can have direct input to impact how your life unfolds. This also has a direct relationship with the Law of Attraction. Meditation holds the key to accessing this wondrous place.

Going around in Circles…

If you find you feel like you are going around in circles, doing the work, but not getting results, then you need to consider what you are learning here today. When people are out of balance with the Trinity, it often feels they are going through the motions, showing productivity, but their efforts are in vain. They do not see any results. Whereas, it is only the mechanism that escapes attention. The “Principles of Effective Manifestation” as outlined in one of the first works on ancient Hermeticism and its philosophies [The Kybalion ] requires the acknowledgement of certain principles and beliefs that support a universal balance that you can affect, making all things possible.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve…” – Napoleon Hill

Mental Photography – Supporting Your Spiritual Connection

Mental Photography, as we provide in ZOX Pro Training and Brain Management, has specialised abilities that builds a strong foundation for communication on the Spiritual level, and prepares your brain and mind for manifestation to be easier than ever before. Early testing proved that something significantly different was happening inside the brain as people used Mental Photography. Here are a few of the results from using Mental Photography:

Super excites all levels of consciousness at the same time, as your brain gains information at high speeds into your long term memory, and raises your overall energy and frequency.

Balances both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, causing high levels of communication across the corpus callosum – known as whole brain activation. Whole brain activation is the preferred state of mind to achieve for meditation and prayer.

Stimulates high production of brain chemicals and endorphins in the brain, which may cause sensations of well-being, similar to “runner’s high” – a natural high without needing drugs to get you there.

Stimulates production of dendrites – the memory storage located on nerve cells, providing more memory and access to memory. Typical memorization methods do not create this level of production.

Recent scientific findings also indicate…

Stimulating ongoing production of new brain cells and synapses from stem cells already residing within the brain.

Therefore, your brain is building and changing dynamically (Neuroplasticity) due to stimulation provided by Mental Photography. It gives you a stronger, more resilient brain, ready to take on any new challenges of manifesting a better life for yourself, and increasing your connection with your own spirituality.

Hope and Faith…

Most people find that they are overwhelmed by daily life and the events taking place around them. To those people, HOPE is that they will wake up and things will be better tomorrow. Along with hope comes FAITH. Faith enables people to reach deeper than they ever thought possible, in effort of achieving miraculous things. Both Hope and Faith have their roots firmly planted into Spirituality. 

Do not cut yourself off from a large part of the real person that is you – no matter how imperfect you may think you are. Your Spirituality is important. In the world of today and tomorrow, you need to be at 100% at all times. Make the effort to connect spiritually, and make sure great things happen in the best possible way for you.

Shannon Panzo, PhD

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