Photographic Memory- Children Born Genius !

Photographic Memory – Children Born Genius! (The Photographic Memory is also known as the ‘Eidetic Memory’.) I feel that I have a responsibility to reveal certain secrets to you here at MIND to MIND. Secrets that hold you back from your success. Photographic Memory… Have you ever wondered about the photographic memory? What would you think if I told you

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Mental Photography / Subliminal Photography / ZOXing

By now, you have been hearing about Mental Photography, and are probably thinking, “What is Mental Photography?” Mind To Mind is pleased to give you this next section that goes into some detail about it. You brain stands to gain great abilities. It is up to me to reveal some of those mind-shattering truths. For your own mental health, please

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Mind to Mind – Straight from the heart!

Mind to Mind – Straight from the heart! I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life helping people find their way through life. I am thankful that I have had at my disposal the same system that I share with others “Brain Management“. But there is one thing that is absolute magic at the very core of the

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MIND to MIND – The Brain Accelerator

MIND to MIND – The Brain Accelerator Prepare yourself to have an intimate experience with: new information, secrets revealed, brain enhancing technology made simple, and brain strengthening mental exercises to clear out the cobwebs. You will learn how you can: assimilate information at light speed using Mental Photography, decrease stress, increase concentration, and become your own Guru of Independent Thinking.

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If You Are Happy With Your Life, … Please Disregard

Would you… cover yourself in honey and stand in front of a bees nest?
Would you… jump out of an airplane with a parachute you made yourself, from scratch?
Would you… stand naked in front of the Empire State Building singing the national anthem of a foreign country?

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Integrity and Wellness – The Healing Power Of Truth

INTEGRITY – Your Life Line Integrity, what does integrity mean to you?  I want you to make a list of the qualities that you believe develops or supports your integrity.  It’s important that you don’t use others beliefs as your benchmark – you need to dig deep inside yourself and come up with your own values. If you compare yourself

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Dreaming. What is located between a horse’s nose and its tail?

What is located between a horse’s nose and its tail? A Horse, of Course!   Dreams Are Amazing Dreams represent many different things to everyone. They are as individual as the person they belong to. It is up to you to determine what they mean to you. My own personal experiences have not been one of in-depth dream investigation, so

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Mind To Mind WIsdom – Take Care on Facebook

It has come to my attention that many of the people that are my clients are also on FaceBook. But unfortunately there are many people would take advantage of opportunity of their own making. Most of you already know about the problems that exist on “the Wall” of your FaceBook account, but there is also another consideration to take; your

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