What is your Lie Temperature? Hot? Warm? Cold?

White lies, little lies, big fat whopping lies, curly tailed lies, and curl you hair lies, and any other type of lie you can think of. Why do people lie so much?

Why do most people lie?

When was the last time you found yourself in an awkward position, and instead of telling the truth, you lied to protect someone’s feelings or you didn’t want the truth to hurt?  Yes, even that is actually a lie.

Some people lie for fun and for gain. After you review this article, you may change the way you do things.  It is a bit of a departure from the comedy movie “Liar Liar” with Jim Carrey.  At least in the movies, it turns out all right.  Just think what it would be if your profession required you to lie as part of your career?

And of course there is the person that doesn’t lie for gain or for that matter, anything else, the compulsive liar. They just must lie about most everything. They even start to believe their lies, and become delusional.

What does lying do to you?

Whenever you create a non-truth, you are setting up a negative vibration in your body.  This vibration has a direct effect on the most finely tuned component in your bodily system.  That component is your brain.  Where do all the signals originate that control all the functions of your body?  Your brain, of course.  So, if you are putting wrenches in the gears of the way your mind works, what do you think is going to happen?

Most of you know about those little white lies, and some of you know about more forms of lying. Some of you may have it honed to an art form. No matter what, they all add up. I refer to this as “congestion” This congestion gets in the way of you making decisions, of seeing the world clearly, and leads to breakdowns of the system itself.

“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

I heard it as a child, and it has stood the test of time. I changed it a bit though.
“If you cannot say the truth, don’t say anything at all.”

Break the habit.

I had the opportunity to talk to someone that wanted to break their habit of lying.  On advice from a psychologist, they were to wear a rubber band on each wrist, like bracelets.  (Of course, you know what’s coming next…) Any time they lied, for any reason, they were to snap their wrist with the rubber band bracelet.  Unfortunately, they did a lot of lying.  That person eventually had to go to the emergency room of the hospital to have the blisters on their wrists treated.  Point in fact;  lying is a habit that you may find difficult to break.

But, I don’t lie!

I have heard that before, too many times.  Here is a safer, less painful way to find out how much you lie.  Get yourself a notepad and pen that you can easily carry with you.  For a 24-hour period, in your normal every day routine, any time you lie, or say something that is not true, write it down, and the circumstances around it, including any justifications.  You will most likely be amazed at how often you lie throughout your day, and why.

What do I do next?

Now that you have built your scorecard, make an effort to not lie as much the next day.  By keeping score, you will find it easier to decrease the amount that you lie over a period of time.  Think of it as a “Liars Diet”. (Ha Ha!)

What do I have to gain by not lying?

You can start with “respect”.  But this will affect many things that you probably have not even considered;  even your health.  The reason is when you clutter your mind with “junk”, which should not be accumulating;  your brain does not have the ability to function effectively.  This affects your physical body as well as your mental abilities.

You will affect your mental clarity, your decision making process, even your health.  All of these things, and more, are affected any time you are causing congestion.  (Lying is only one source of congestion.)

Brain management is a task you should undertake daily.  It has been shown when people regularly do things that help their brain function properly and exercise their brain;  it lessens the onset of complications like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

I enjoy helping people with their personal struggle to emerge better than they were.  The brain and the workings of the mind are the fulcrum to making your effort count.

Great Things Happen Here!

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  • I love it! It’s great to build on integrity!

    My Mental Photography Instructor Martina Steiger doesn’t lie, I believe!

    It strengthens Spirit, and the Soul link up.

    • Chris Holliman,

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Keep challenging yourself! The rewards appear.

      Have a fine day.

  • Hi Shannon,

    Great article Shannon!
    I always appreciate your writings and keep up with your articles; love to read them.


    • Hi Patricia,

      I like to stimulate my readers to THINK and take actions to be better in life.


  • Hi,
    Quite interesting. I wanted to ask you If ZOX Pro Training is ONLY for people with an advanced level of English? English is not my first language. I can communicate in a daily situation or write as good as this and read/understand you’re blog, but that’s that. I mean anything more complicated than a movie or a blog (a scientific conversation, for example) is way beyond my English level. is it enough? Can I follow the program without any complications?

    • Milad,

      That is the true beauty of ZOX Pro Training. Instead of the training being complicated or hard to understand, we made it easy and clear, without a bunch of made up “jargon” you would have to decipher. Since 1975 when this first came to light, ten years were spent on simplifying the process.

      Now, don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity. Behind the simplicity is huge complex database of knowledge, wisdom, and experience that enables us to deliver “the goods” in this format throughout the world. That is why we have so many people in typically non-English speaking countries that take this up. Sure, it is not without work, but reaping the benefits are worth the time spent.

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