If You Are Happy With Your Life, … Please Disregard

Wanted:  100 People for Change

(If You are completely happy with your life, don’t waste your time reading this.)

I am looking for 100 people that are unhappy with their life, AND are willing to do anything it takes to make it better.

◊  Would you… cover yourself in honey and stand in front of a bees nest?

◊  Would you… jump out of an airplane with a parachute you made yourself, from scratch?

◊  Would you… stand naked in front of the Empire State Building singing the national anthem of a foreign country?

The most outrageous thing is some people would actually do these things if they thought it would improve their life.

By now, you must be thinking this guy is out of his mind! No, I am actually quite sane. I have been watching people for over 25 years make positive changes to their life, without ever doing anything so risky as the examples above.

Change – What is it all about?

As an oblique overview, there are several things that should be considered about change.

◊  Change happens everywhere at all times.

◊  Change involves us, whether we want it or not.

◊  Change is a fact of Life. Get used to it.

◊  Change can be influenced in what direction it takes, by you.

Change – How can I Influence it?

To influence positive change to take place in and around your life, you must strengthen a few basic building blocks.

Mental Discipline – Take steps to exercise and strengthen your brain and mind. Your mental capabilities are so far beyond what you do currently; you cannot even fathom what you are capable of achieving. Disciplining your mind starts with a commitment. It is always easier to make a commitment when you base it on a goal. For the sake of this exercise, let’s assume your goal is “for you to directly influence change”. When you are taking up a discipline, usually there will be exercises the strengthen you mind in some fashion. Most of the exercises will have something to do with enhancing your senses. By taking steps to enhance your senses, you are building structure. Some of that structure may be new, previously untapped.

Changes to your physical senses

Visual Creativity – Visualization is a typical exercise. Using your mind to create, you are visualizing a picture of your own making. You can even add other senses to the picture, to make it more real.

Auditory creativity can be enhanced by the use of a blindfold. This limits the sensory input from vision, which is the most common way we get information. Your attention to this sense will act like an amplifier to even the slightest sound. You can hear a pin dropped, as it hits the floor.

Olfactory creativity should also be done with a blindfold, but is not a requirement. The idea again is to create a circumstance where you are presented many different scents. From those scents, you start to tell where they originate from. From that type of input, you can make many assumptions about your immediate environment.

Taste is another scent you can enhance. The easiest way to do this is to eat food that you are not accustomed to eating. Most people fall into a routine of only eating certain things. That limits the range of flavours that you are experiencing. Another way of experiencing more flavours is to travel. When you travel, you must eat the food someone else has prepared for you. Some regions have rather peculiar flavours in what the locals deem as the right taste.

Last of the physical senses, Touch can be re-educated to take a more prominent place. There are varying degrees of hard or soft, hot, warm, or cold, or many other types of touch. In an ancient stimulating method of Kama-Sutra, you would traverse various types of touch that are dedicated to create a pleasurable experience. Some people may chose to use pain as a reference point to why some things feel good, while others feel bad.

All of these are dealing directly and consciously with your senses. You may even chose to combine some of these in a single event for your own purposes. An example of this would be:  In a Monty Python’s Flying Circus Skit, comedians get slapped in the face with a dead fish. That would combine a few different techniques mentioned here.

Brain Strengthening for Making Change

There are many techniques “out there” That claim they make your brain stronger. But most of those only give you a temporary fix that wears off when not in use. You want something that has a lasting effect; something that will be there for you throughout the rest of your life.  What you really want is something that stimulates Brain Plasticity to create new dendrites (Your memory storage), grow new connections, and strengthen your old connections (neurons). That takes something very unique. Those can only be done when you push your brain in such a way to activate the production of brain cells and dendrites. The one thing we know does all those things is Mental Photography, or ZOXing.

Change Depends on Your Ability to Make Decisions

Superior information gives you superior decision making results. When we need to make a decision, especially one in uncharted waters, then we need good QUALITY information, fast. But what are we left with. As the old saying goes, when you “read” information SLOWLY, It is like pushing a camel through the eye of a needle. It takes much time and effort. But there is another way to take in information that sounds so far-fetched, that people often think it is too good to be true. The method we are talking about gives you no less than 25,000 words per minute with 100% retention of that same information for life.


The truth is you have already done this when you were young, because you were born that way. It is also the way you learned so very much in the first few years of your life. Along the way, you allowed yourself to be taught away from using it. You had no idea what you were giving up, because you had nothing else to compare it to at that young and impressionable age. So, what is the magic now? Again, it is Mental Photography, or ZOXing.

Do You Really Want To Change?

Do you want to change your life without severe risk taking; like covering yourself with honey for a bee-fest, sky diving with a home-made parachute , or being very cold and naked in the middle of New York City encouraging people to tar and feather you, or worst, or something just as extreme?

If you answered YES!, then you owe it to yourself to seriously consider it. To get the best details, please visit ZOX Pro Training at www.ZOXpro.com

Have a Great Life!

Shannon Panzo

Great Things Happen Here!



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