Photographic Memory- Children Born Genius !

Photographic Memory – Children Born Genius!

Mental Photography

Use Mental Photography

(The Photographic Memory is also known as the ‘Eidetic Memory’.)

I feel that I have a responsibility to reveal certain secrets to you here at MIND to MIND. Secrets that hold you back from your success.

Photographic Memory…

Have you ever wondered about the people with photographic memory?

What would you think if I told you that you were born with a photographic memory?

Some people carry over the photographic memory into adulthood. If you are not one of these people, why didn’t you carry it over as an adult too? Learn how to develop photographic memory!

Stand by to be SHOCKED!

The answer to this is reading!

We were all born with a #PhotographicMemory. We never lose it. We have just lost the ability to USE it. Actually, more correctly, we’ve misplaced the access to it.

You learned phenomenal things as a small child — languages, social skills, etc. THEN, you went to school to learn a superior way to learn, or so we are led to believe. Statistics show that once we enter school, based on the rote – #memory system of learning, learning slows down from that point on.

So, what is the primary thing that changed? You learned how to read! By learning how to read, no matter how ineffective it may be for you, you were force fed to learn it, or you were ostracized. A renegade! Some of those renegades are the same people that have carried over their photographic memory as an adult.

You see, the mechanics to learn to read, such as en-trained tunnel vision, directly oppose you natural ability to access and utilize the photographic memory. By learning reading, a learned brain function, you gave up access to your natural brain function of the photographic memory.

Mental Photography and Learning

Solution: You can learn how to access your natural photographic memory again by learning #Mental Photography techniques. What’s even more amazing is that while you are learning how to access your photographic memory, you start to see many other things start happening from exercising your #brain this way.

You know how to use mental photography and wonder why your children are genius and you’re not? Now you know!

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  • It really makes sense!

  • a lot logically rational sense.

  • Hi
    BTW, I’m considering buying ZoxPro, but am researching photographic memory as thoroughly as I can first.

    I have a six year old who is well on the way to learning to read. I’d like him to keep his natural photographic memory ability as much as possible. But I also don’t want to interfere in his learning to read, which after all is an important skill too.

    Any suggestions on how to help him develop and keep both of these skills?

    Specifically, do you have or know of a program specifically for children who are learning to read.

    Also, out of curiosity, do adults who never learn to read retain their photographic memories?


  • Hi Tom,

    That’s an easy one.

    Buy the ZOX Pro Training for yourself, then while you are doing the Mental Photography, have him stand along side you and watch. He will naturally pick it up. After you buy the training, I can give you some other pointers.


  • I would like to get this for my daughter who is a self motivator,wanting to study medicine. Good luck with your enterprise. Kindest regards, Willem

  • Willem,

    If your daughter wants to study medicine, then it would be with my highest recommendations that she learn this first. Even with this device, a medical degree is no small feat. The great thing is, she most likely would find that she is better at it than he colleagues.


  • Robert F. Carlson

    Are there any video components to the ZOX Pro Training?

  • Shannon,
    I am 56 years old. Can I still learn how to use your system? I am strongly thinking about buying it.
    Mike Jorden.

  • Please Translate the ZOX Pro Training to Spanish.

  • Thank you for your recommendation.

  • Hey, Shannon,
    Nice to meet you. I am impressed by your way you describe the photographic memory. But then, you ask other to buy your so called ZOX Pro Training to enhanced my photographic memory. But some say the existence of the photographic memory is controversial. And the most important point is that you do have photographic memory???

    • The existence of the Photographic Memory is the bane of many speed reading organizations and learning institutions. If they agree that it does exist, they probably think they will lose business or may even be asked to teach how to use it. The formalized education system systematically eroded the public’s’ opinion of the Photographic memory existing, whether they realized it or not, by teaching everyone to read. We explain this along the way.

      Can you recapture that ability, at least to some degree? Yes.

      Do you need to give up reading to do so? No.

  • Hey Shannon,
    Do you have a photographic mind?

    • Oh, Ye of little faith,…

      Your question should be, “Does everyone have a Photographic Memory?” – OR – “Will this give me a Photographic Memory?”

      POOF! – You have a Photographic Memory!

      We all have a fully functioning Photographic Memory from when we are born throughout our life. Most adults are just not fluent at talking with it until we re-teach it to talk back to us. That is what the Mental Photography (ZOXing) is for. It builds and strengthens that path.

  • Hi there I have a question my son has some sort of photograpic memory, he has not been in school for a few years and yet he seems to have the knowledge and understanding but at the same time he just doesnt do any school work to be graded on but yet the teacher said that he is perfectly cabable of doing the work and when misses class reviews he is still able to be the first to answer. What do I do and how?

    • With the information you are providing, it would seem like your son has been able to maintain his photographic memory from early childhood. That’s great! Most people are talked out the “old childish way of learning”.

      To really answer your question, we need to assess where he is today on some details you have not provided. Contact me.

  • Good time Shannon,

    It’s really an amazing thing if humans learn this. I understand it is possible for everyone, yes? So, how long does it take to learn Mental Photography?

    Is it possible for me to take the lessons a lone, at home?


    • Mental Photography is easy to learn. There are intrinsic strategies involved to retrain yourself to recall the info from your subconscious. You are taught how to do that too.

      Many people want a short cut. To gain LIFE-LONG results you can count on, there really is no shortcut. You must do the work. That is what builds the information superhighway.

      Yes, you can attend it at home. ZOX Pro Training. You can find it at

  • Hi
    Hope you can help! my 14yr old home educated son has a very high photographic memory and family always comment on his knowledge of the world without even studying that subject! remembers dates numbers from when he was 3 has the ability with numbers to convert cheats for his friends on to any device. I want to help him channel this ability but don’t know where to start? Would youre software help him with his studies because he answers without even looking at the question first and 9 times out of ten always gets it right but in exams they like to see youre working out!!

    • Dear Melanie,
      Sorry for the delay. We just found this.

      That is the big difference between Home schooling and schooling in general. Schooling wants to slow down the learning pace to a snails crawl. They don’t care if it is the correct answer. They want the laborious step-by-step process on paper.

      Here is the logic… If your son figures out the correct solution “in his head”, then he has automatically used the formulas correctly. But since the teachers cannot do it this way their selves, they cannot fathom that anyone is capable of doing so. They are “dinosaurs of teaching”. They are the instrument that holds back true education from taking place.

      Hopefully, if you look around, you may be able to find a suitable exam structure that allows for his natural abilities.

      As for our training… It would give your son a structured platform that works with his style of learning, and will justify his efforts. It will also assist him with plenty of other adaptabilities for his journey through life.

      Hope this information is still useful to you.
      Shannon Panzo

  • Hi,

    I have a 24 month old son who may have a photographic memory with words and numbers.
    He has taught himself to read by learning phonetics & for the past two months & can read simple books.
    It’s his ability to memorise a word I show him once ie balloon, table, chair, clock etc then not come across for a few weeks and he easily remembers it, that has me baffled.
    He easily knows one to two hundred words that he hasn’t needed to work out phonetically.

    Is this his photographic memory? I’d very much like him to retain it if possible but see that your programme is for 7+.

    Any suggestions welcome

    Thank you


    However, ask him where he left his socks mad shoes and he has no idea.

    • Patti,

      Our best suggestion would be for YOU to purchase ZOX Pro Training, and learn it for yourself. Then you have the option of how and when you want to apply it to your child’s learning.


      PS: Subscribe to our emails for more good information and applications.

  • Hi Shannon , I am a law student involved with a lot of paper work. Thus I have often
    often researched on ways to improve my mental capacity. I was excited when I came across the ZOX Pro Training and immediately wanted to purchase it, however my country Nigeria is not even amongst the list of countries whose citizens can purchase the training. Please look into this issue. I really want the ZOX Pro Training.

    • Akudo,
      The last time I checked, you must be intelligent if you are going for a Law Degree. Time to put that intelligence to work. Through your connections in Nigeria, and to their peers in other countries, you should be able to find a connection willing to assist you from a country that will do business. Religious organisations may be able to help you as well. It is unfortunate, but Nigerian Banks seem to have problems doing any business internationally.

      The most convenient way for you to purchase would be through a PayPal Invoice or Credit Card recognized by PayPal. Other alternatives include Western Union Money Transfer and electronic Bank transfer (unless Nigerian). If you find a contact in another country we can deal through, then please contact with the details. We can arrange the appropriate details at that time. Contact us at:

      Shannon Panzo