Photographic Memory- Children Born Genius !

Photographic Memory – Children Born Genius! (The Photographic Memory is also known as the ‘Eidetic Memory’.) I feel that I have a responsibility to reveal certain secrets to you here at MIND to MIND. Secrets that hold you back from your success. Photographic Memory… Have you ever wondered about the photographic memory? What would you think if I told you

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Education System vs Public Interest – Using Photographic Memory

Education System vs Public Interest Encouraging and implementing the photographic memory in school Education’s War on Change… Educators are steadfast when it comes to implementation of reading as the vehicle for gaining information and testing as the method for calculating student ability to retain what they have read. But testing in a clinical sense does not encourage usability of the

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Get Good Grades with Mental Photography For Students

Mental Photography for students, “ZOXing”, students of all ages who uses this will benefit through the increase in brain power.  Your subconscious mind is the “doer” – so you have to put it to work to excel and make your life more enjoyable. You just need a tool to clear your mind to focus on your goal.   How Long

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The Photographic Memory :: Myth, Legend, Fact or Fiction

The elusive photographic memory… ever experienced it?

Chances are you may have come across it in grandiose Hollywood films and television shows.

Furthermore, the photographic memory is expressed in such a way that it seems both superhuman and abnormal!

You owe it to yourself to find out more.

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Self-Developmentitus – Losing Your Effectiveness?

Some people can lose their effectiveness while pursuing the “better me” within. Determine what you want in life. Difficulties and obstacles will make it more challenging, but should not deter you from pursuing your goals or losing your effectiveness.

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Leave Your Poverty Mindset At The Door, With Brain Management

The quote “Success is NOT gauged on what you have gained, but by what you have given up” is limited. In the Law of Attraction, if you think you have given up (or lost) something along the way, you automatically attract whatever you were unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to lose back into your life.  This includes a poverty mindset. In

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The Use of Brain Management through Mental Photography

Brain Management Brain Management is a training of the brain that will create balance and guide you in reaching your full potential. It makes your brain super-excited on all levels of consciousness, simultaneously. By using Mental Photography as the first step, it will create a very advanced Whole Brain Learning and Hemispheric Balancing. The Objective The objective is for you

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Mental Photography: An Exercise For Fairness & The Naked World

Life is Fair ! What!?… Is it written anywhere that life is supposed to be fair? Most people would like it to be but even though the compelling majority of the population agrees that life should be fair, why isn’t it? One way to look at this, is to visualize that everyone in the world is ‘naked’. You, me, everyone!

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Using Mental Photography To Create A Fair World

Mental Photography The majority of the population agrees that life should be fair – but that doesn’t seem to matter. There is no mandate that says life should be far, even though you and I would like it to be. So, with most people agreeing that life is supposed to be fair, why isn’t it? The first thing to do

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