The Use of Brain Management through Mental Photography

Brain Management

Brain Management is a training of the brain that will create balance and guide you in reaching your full potential. It makes your brain super-excited on all levels of consciousness, simultaneously. By using Mental Photography as the first step, it will create a very advanced Whole Brain Learning and Hemispheric Balancing.

The Objective

The objective is for you to find a greater reality for yourself and venture beyond your limitations to reach new goals. If you learn to do this in one way, you can then use that success to allow yourself to be successful in all other directions.

Most people find that they really don’t want to be where they are in life. Do you feel as unfulfilled as that? Then you need to work through your challenges, remove their limitations, and enhance your life in a positive way. Recognizing your need is often your first big challenge.

TRUE Story:

One of my clients (actually, this happens to a lot of my clients) went back to her life after receiving training from me that would strengthen her brain, clear the cobwebs, allow her to focus on what she truly wanted in life, and the techniques to make it come into her reality.

Within a week she rang me up. She was struggling under the weight of how quickly EVERYTHING was coming into her reality. All types of wonderful things. Everything that she truly wanted to have DID happen (It’s a nice problem to have). But she felt guilty! Guilt was now her burden. She actually felt that she was not worthy to receive what was handed to her on a gold platter.

We talked about what she wanted to achieve and to deal with her new problem. We decided that her best remedy would be that she could turn the flow on or off — like a faucet (good analogy). So, we came up with a suitable way to moderate the flow of great things happening to her.

After she plugged in her remedy using Brain Management skills, she felt much more in control. If things got too hectic, she would just turn it off until she was ready for the next batch of good things to happen to her. Here is where Mental Photography techniques come into play, it creates a very strong relationship between the conscious and the subconscious – i.e., it is a transfer of concentrated information to the long term memory which utilizes eidetic, or photographic, memory.

Enhance your creativity

Like watching pianists doing their solos watched by thousands audience, or perhaps millions by television. The things that are real to the pianists are the piano, themselves and the flow of music – nothing else in the world matters; they are totally locked in.

Emotions overflow within the pianist.

Those emotions too, flow with the music to the audience with such beautiful intensity.
Whenever you experience this type of thing, it doesn’t only happen to you, it also influences all of those around you in a positive way too.

EVERYONE benefits!

By learning music (or other skills) through Richard Welch Mental Photography and Whole Brain Management techniques, a person can take their musical talents (or any other talent) to new levels. The information is treated and converted like a language and stored in the subconscious.

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