Mental Photography: An Exercise For Fairness & The Naked World

Life is Fair !


Is it written anywhere that life is supposed to be fair? Most people would like it to be but even though the compelling majority of the population agrees that life should be fair, why isn’t it?

One way to look at this, is to visualize that everyone in the world is ‘naked’. You, me, everyone! The first reaction would be massive; emotions would range from passion to loathing; from hysteria to any number of phobias. It would give a new spin to the saying ‘the crowded elevator has more than 1 person in it’. Although, after time everyone would get used to it; the perversion would give way to curiosity, and the ‘novelty’ of being nude would fade to dull and boring. Nudity paints a picture of who we all are without all the ‘window dressings‘.

Some may be a bit uncomfortable at the thought of this concept; some may be highly infuriated; or some may be completely switched on to what I am talking about.

See and feel yourself in the ‘Naked World’. What would you do? How would you feel? Who would you be fair to? Who would be fair to you? What reason would you give others to be fair to you?

You have just experienced a mental photography exercise!

You did it without even knowing you were doing something. In this exercise, you have utilized Mental Photography to visualize yourself in a different reality. This gives a great perspective to what your current paradigm is. Sometimes, to understand what you carry within your paradigm, it is important to move out of what you class as your ‘comfort zone’. This shows you what is NOT in your zone of comfort.

Due to your personal involvement with this brain exercise it is possible to explore your boundaries with Mental Photography. If you choose to, you can push those boundaries out and experience more of what life offers.

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