Using Mental Photography To Create A Fair World

Mental Photography

The majority of the population agrees that life should be fair – but that doesn’t seem to matter. There is no mandate that says life should be far, even though you and I would like it to be. So, with most people agreeing that life is supposed to be fair, why isn’t it?

The first thing to do is set aside some of our preconceptions so that we can develop a clearer picture. Ideals like: Rich vs. Poor; Pretty or Not; Race or Nationality; Privileged or Under-Privileged; Young or Old; Religion or Atheism are boundaries that people often use when they compare themselves with others. Most people use these as reasons or excuses to justify why someone is or isn’t worthy of being treated fairly (among other things).

If we are looking at fairness, shouldn’t equality be bought into the equation?

The Unfair World

Let’s take this one step further. Imagine you are walking down the street and are approached by a person wearing ripped and dirty clothing, maybe they have a bad odour, and they may be unclean. The person enters your personal space and asks “Do you have the time?” How would you react? Would you treat that person the same as every other new person you meet? What assumptions have you made before the person has even opened their mouth to ask you a question

In the world we live in today, with the economy rather out of control, World Governments taking unprecedented steps to save their ASSets… That same person may have been one of yesterdays ‘haves’, but today that person has nothing but themselves and the rags on their back. This is occurring globally and we need to look at another form of assessment before passing judgments.

What would happen if we simply erased the differences? What would we be left with and would it be easier to be fair to others? Fairness has to start somewhere and it starts with you! Fairness is the enactment of the ‘Golden Rule’: ” Why should someone else treat you fairly, if you haven’t treated them fairly, first?”

In doing this exercise, of erasing the differences, you are creating the images of what a world with all inequities removed. You have just created a Mental Photograph of what life would be like if all unfairness would be erased. Mental Photography creates a very strong relationship between the conscious and the subconscious – i.e., it is a transfer of concentrated information to the long term memory which utilizes the eidetic memory, or photographic memory.

I know you are probably thinking that you were supposed to be reading about why Life isn’t Fair. Well, LIFE is about learning and what has just been demonstrated is how you can find your true reality using Mental Photography techniques.

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