The Naked World – Life is Not Fair!

Instability in a Naked World!

Life is NOT Fair!

The following article may be very confrontational to some people. If you are easily disturbed by content that does not agree specifically with your beliefs, it may be better for you to pass this article by and not read it. Please keep in mind that “Mind To Mind – The Brain Accelerator” is proposed as a pressure cooker of ideas to stretch your mind, and reveal to you some places you may not want to go – To depart from the ‘comfortable’ into intrigue!

Where is it written that life is supposed to be fair? I would like it to be. You would like it to be. Many, even most people would like it to be. Even with the compelling majority of the population agreeing that life should be fair, why isn’t it?

First, let’s put a few things aside so that we can achieve a clearer picture. Rich vs. Poor, Pretty or Not, Race or Nationality, Privileged or Under-Privileged, Young or Old, Difference of religion, or lack of Thereof. These parameters are often what people use when they compare themselves to other people. Do you? See, most people use these as reasons or excuses why someone is or is not worthy of being treated fairly, amongst other things.

People often use these parameters to decide how they will treat others. This is also used to establish which person “I” will be more or less fair to. Why? If we are looking at fairness, would it not be right to be fair to everyone equally?

The Unfair World

Let’s take this one step further. Let’s say you are walking down the street and are approached by a person wearing ripped and dirty clothing, maybe has a bad odor, maybe unclean. The person gets within your personal space and asks “Do you have the Time?” How would you react? Would you treat that person the same as every other new person you meet? What assumptions have you come to before the person has even opened their mouth to ask you a question?

In the world we live in today, with the economy rather out of control, World Governments taking unprecedented steps to save their ASSets,… That same person may have been one of the HAVEs of yesterday, but today that person has nothing but themselves and the rags on their back. This has been occurring globally. We may need to look at another form of assessment before making our judgments.

What would happen if we simply erased the differences? What would we be left with? Would it be easier to be fair to others? See, fairness has to start somewhere. It starts with you! It’s the enactment of the ‘Golden Rule’. Why should someone else treat you fairly, if you haven’t treated them fairly, first?

Naked World

Another way to look at this is if everyone in the world were ‘naked’. You, me, everyone! The initial reaction would be off the charts, everything from passion to loathing, from hysteria to xenophobia. It would give new definition to ‘the crowded elevator has more than 1 person in it’. But, after time, everyone would get used to it. The perversion would give way to curiosity, and eventually fade to dull and boring. No, I am not promoting nudism. This just paints a better picture of who we all are without all the window dressings.

You may be a bit uncomfortable at the thought of it. You may be highly incensed, or you may be completely switched on to what I am talking about. Take the moment – see and feel yourself in the ‘Naked World’. What would you do? How would you feel? Who would you be fair to? Who would be fair to you? What reason would you give others to be fair to you?

Well, luckily for you, the Nude Bomb never went off, and we don’t live in a ‘Naked World’. I am sure that some of my readers found the idea of a naked World Excruciatingly Delightful and others found it horrifying.

You have just experienced a mental exercise!

You did it without even knowing you were DOING something. (It’s very similar to how Mental Photography is after you use it for a while.) You visualizing yourself cast in a different reality gives you a great point of reference to what your current paradigm, or box of reality, is. In order to understand what you carry with you within your paradigm, you must look beyond your boundaries to outside your box of comfort. This shows you what is NOT in your box.

Congratulations! Due to your personal involvement with this brain exercise, you can now see some of your boundaries. If you choose to, you can push those boundaries back and experience more that life offers.

I know you are probably thinking, but I was going to read about why Life isn’t Fair. Well, LIFE IS about learning! What just happened is I have shown you how to find your true reality, and a way to observe and change it.

I believe if you were to qualify those properties of this article, you would find it is even more than FAIR – because I have given you something of value without you even asking.

With my RESPECT to my fellow Humans,

Shannon Panzo

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  • Dear Mr Panzo,

    I read your articles. They help me to see things in a different light, to change my point of view . I am very gratefull to you for what you are doing!

    I decided to react to this article. I have been thinking of equity and inequity, good and evil, truth and lie, right and wrong for a long time. I would like to present my conclusion here.

    I will start with your article. I imagine all people are naked. I see a huge difference between the thin and fat, colour of skin becomes even more apparent than ever before, the old people look old, wrinkled, with dry fragile skin from hat to toe, and the ill people will look really disgusting in comparison to the ones who are well fed, well built, who have good care of their skin, take regular excercise – simply said those who are wealthy. Clothing is just a small trick that hides our flaws and keeps us from rising negative assumptions in other people. I look like a common european woman in my clothes. Without clothes I would look like underweight, ill body with a disgusting skin inflamation which is past cure. Nudity will not erase the differences between races, wealth, age, etc. – it will even deepen these differences!

    What if we imagined people wearing the same uniform – would this make all people equal and contribute to a fair world? I doubt it. There will be those in a clean, well ironed, pleasantly smelling uniform, with latest fashion hairstyle, assertive smile and keys from a Ferrari and ones whose uniforms shows marks of spending night on the street…

    It is not possible to hide differences between races, wealth, age, etc. Because WE ARE different. There will always be the ones who are more competitive, more proud, more creative and those who are quieter, modest, etc. These differences lead the mankind forwards /mostly/, they result in original inventions, discoveries, art. It is not possible to make a working class hero or a farmer out of everyone.

    I think people will always differ. The differences will always bring (negative) assumptions and lead to the unfair world. But if there is no possibility of making all people equal, what is a fair world then? What is the meaning of fair and unfair? Do you imagine the same picture of equity as I do? I don´t think so. Manytimes I try to act perfectly fairly to others but they complain, they are not satisfied with my actions. Something that is fair/right/true in my point of view is unfair/wrong/lie for others. It is because our perception, understanding and amount of knowledge differs. There is NO EXACT OBJECT to imagine under the word “FAIR” (“TRUTH”, “RIGHT”, etc.). It is my very personal image of the term based on my personal situation, knowledge, feelings. You can´t mistake a car for a ski and a chair for a bread. But we can mistake right for wrong…we do so very often even if we try to be perfectly fair and neutral.

    In my point of view the problem is in the terms – the words like FAIR, RIGHT, etc. -itself! So we can´t imagine a fair world. We can just stop judging and perceiving it in terms of equity or inequity. Just to take it as it is. To accept present situation as just the present situation, without commenting it as fair or unfair, good or bad, truth or lie. We just need to erase these words, that have no exact objects from our vocabularies. There is no good and no evil, it is just my perception and my attitude towards some fact. There is only the fact and the way how I deal with it. Not how I describe it.

    I hope you don´t find my opinion as a completely wrong unfair lie 🙂

    Thank you for your attention!

    Yours sincerely,


    • Hi Karina,

      I believe much of what you are saying has merit. But I also believe you missed many of the points the article was exposing. This is not an uncommen reaction to something that many people find confrontational.

      It was not meant to portrait how you would compare yourself to others in a “nude” world. Your reaction does point out that this is how most people are likely to react is the situation actually occurred. So, thank you for pointing out a good relalvency. Beyond that, people would react in many ways at first. But after a reasonably short time the whole thing would be a bit blaise.

      What if you had 2 purses. To anyone but an expert they are identical. One costs thousands because it is made by a famous “name”. The other is a knock-off that only costs a few bucks. To the average person viewing the two, there would be no difference. It is only to the person that has spent thousands, or just a few bucks to get it, that knows what the difference is.

      This represents your personal psychology. You are worth what you believe you are worth. Nothing more, nothing less. Your belief in your self-worth relates to what you attract to yourself. If you don’t believe you are worth much, then you will not expect to see many good things coming your way. You can easily miss opportunities as they pass you by.