Is Life Fair? Look at the World Naked, Laid Bare, and Nude

Life is fair!   Have you always believed that life is inherently unfair, regardless of how much you wish that circumstances were otherwise? So why is life so unfair? One way to address the question is to visualize everyone in the world as “naked.” That includes you – me, EVERYONE! Reactions to this revealing turn of events would range from

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Learn Your Lessons Well

You are literally the center of your Universe.

It is your paradigm, your reality that you have created that interacts with the rest of the world.

Your lessons deal with issues in your Universe and your reality.

Therefore, those lessons are for you, and only you.

Only you can really determine what they mean.

Ultimately, you are the person that must deal with your lessons.

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Mental Photography: An Exercise For Fairness & The Naked World

Life is Fair ! What!?… Is it written anywhere that life is supposed to be fair? Most people would like it to be but even though the compelling majority of the population agrees that life should be fair, why isn’t it? One way to look at this, is to visualize that everyone in the world is ‘naked’. You, me, everyone!

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Combat Post Holiday Depression – SMILE

Combat Depression – Smile! Here you are again at the end of another year, and guess what? It always ends up the same way for you. Once the event is over, you are depressed. The air has been left out of your balloon; you are down in the dumps… Viva passé. The lead-up to your event you have planned so

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Train The Functions of Your Brain – Brain Management

Did you know you are what you perceive? What you think about yourself becomes your reality your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Do you know that your beliefs define your reality? This limits you for everything you do in life, even success. What is “Whole Brain Learning”? There are ways that you can exercise your brain to become stronger Whole Brain Learning

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The Naked World – Life is Not Fair!

Instability in a Naked World! Life is NOT Fair! The following article may be very confrontational to some people. If you are easily disturbed by content that does not agree specifically with your beliefs, it may be better for you to pass this article by and not read it. Please keep in mind that “Mind To Mind – The Brain

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