Get Good Grades with Mental Photography For Students

Mental Photography for students, “ZOXing”, students of all ages who uses this will benefit through the increase in brain power.  Your subconscious mind is the “doer” – so you have to put it to work to excel and make your life more enjoyable. You just need a tool to clear your mind to focus on your goal.

Supercharge Your Brain with Mental Photography!

Supercharge Your Brain with Mental Photography!


How Long We Study Has Nothing To Do With It

As students, we are told that if we get good grades, then the good life will follow.   We are told that to achieve good grades, we should study 2 – 3 hours for every hour we spend in class.

However, what if we could get even better grades, with less study time? What if you cut your study time down to a mere fraction of how to use mental photography and what is required by using Mental Photography for students?

Mental Photography for Students can make students “learn” naturally

Did you realize that our mind is capable of assimilating information at gigahertz range like computers? Imagine processing information that quickly – well, we can but, right now, there is still something getting in the way of our ‘learning’.  Reading is the blockage as it constricts the flow of information to our brain thus weakens our capability to use Mental Photography.

Is a Formal Education Counter Intuitive To a Photographic Memory

In school, reading works for more than half of the children, and as a result our educators feel that they are doing a good job.  However, what about the other half (or slightly less) of our student population – how do they cope with learning?

For many students, the education process and study is seen as an impediment to their social life and having fun.  How sad is that?  Most students don’t see learning as fun?

At school we are taught to read instead of enhancing our Mental Photography (our NATURAL Eidetic Memory).  Our students are taught to study longer and harder, to get good grades.

Mental Photography for Students

You can start using your natural abilities, abilities that you are born with, to increase your brain power to Super-Excel at whatever you desire like the abilities you are born with.  As you are born with these abilities, you will never lose them. one of these abilities is our Mental Photography ability.

Unfortunately, when you went to school, instead of allowing you to learn as you had always learned everything so effectively, you were taught to read. More sadly, educators convinced you that your Photographic Memory (Mental Photography ability)was an ‘old childish way of learning’ and you needed to let it go.

You can reactivate (or regain access to) your Photographic (or Eidetic) memory.  Actually, your photographic memory is still active – you’ve just forgotten how to access it.  Once you regain access to your Photographic Memory, it will propel you as far as you want to go. Using Mental Photography training can make you access in your abilities to learn faster again.

By using Mental Photography, students will know how to regain the access to and from their Photographic Memory. The act of performing Mental Photography for students exercises their brain for brain management in phenomenal ways – it taps into and exercises all of the regions of the brain, including your naturally occurring photographic memory. Since we are dealing with information based material and exercises, the photographic memory becomes less elusive, a little more obvious, and contactable. Thus we get to begin experiencing it with various types of recall from there.

An example of recall is: You may have started reading a book that you really know nothing about it however somehow you FEEL you have read it before because you start streaming out statistical data that means that you use your Mental Photography ability.

Now, imagine that you have already enhanced your Photographic Memory.  Recall happens, it grows, it gets better and more reliable.


Use Mental Photography for Students to Get Smart, learn and pass your Exams

People may fee that students who used the method  Mental Photography for Students pass tests in school is cheating.  Of course NOT!  Using your natural abilities to assimilate and recall information isn’t cheating – but it is your Ultimate Edge.


Great Things Happen Here!

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  • Great article Shannon,

    As you talk about education this reminds me of Antonio Magliabechi, I don’t know if you have ever heard of him. He was an eccentric 17th century Italian scholar and goldsmith amongst others.

    He “read” over 40,000 books and over 10,000 manuscripts and could recall every word of each of them throughout his life.

    I’m not surpised that teachers will attack students for alleged plagiarism.

    I wonder how many books a zoxer will go through in 10 years?

  • Can even anybody learn Mental Photography or is it a trick?

    • Abhijit,
      Anyone can learn this because it is a completely natural function of the brain that you were born with and used to learn everything of importance in your life until you were around 5 years old. You were born with it. You never lose it – your photographic memory.