Brain Management: Life Lessons, Pain & Success

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Learn from your experiences”. Whilst this is true, it is not necessarily true that you need to personally experience the lesson to any great degree in order to learn from it. It is possible for you to learn from the lessons’ that others have experienced and the roads they have traveled. In learning from others experiences, you can receive the full benefit of those lessons and avoid the pain that often accompanies such learning.

Pain is Life’s Great Teacher

Let’s face it, pain is associated with all lessons. To find out which lesson you’re supposed to be learning, you need to look at the source of your pain and whatever it is attached to (physical, health, stress, spiritual, emotional, financial etc) – what remains is the base lesson you need to learn.

If we fail to learn the lesson the first time, the lesson is presented again and again. Until we learn the lesson, we will experience the same pain each time.

Success is “What We Have Given Up”

The quote is “Success is NOT gauged on what you have gained, but by what you have given up”. However, the Law of Attraction contradicts this and the implication that success is measured by what you have given up, has negative connotations.

A person who believes that success is based on what you have given up, is likely to have suffered a lot of pain during their journey to success – thus considering their success as a series of concessions or losses.

Someone who has enjoyed their journey, will not view it as what they have given up or lost. Their view of success will have a more positive outlook.

The thing is that each person will deal with the quote as they choose, based on their experiences.

Perseverance Is The Key

You will learn from your pain and experiences, just as you would eat an elephant – one bite at a time. Eventually you will get there, stronger than you started and with more knowledge.

As you choose to pursue success, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What is your success strategy?
  • Just how committed are you to achieving this success?
  • How determined are you in achieving the goal?
  • Will you persevere through adverse conditions and experiences?
  • Do you have enough willpower and focus to see you through?

Out of all of these qualities, it is the perseverance, stamina and commitment that will see you through to the end. Having a perfect plan, but no stamina will most likely result in failing to achieve the goal. However, having a less than perfect plan but a strong balance of the other attributes will more likely result in success.

Using Brain Management techniques, you will increase your brain power and subconscious mind power. Not only are you improving yourself, you are adding to the global consciousness in a phenomenal way.

Great Things Happen Here!

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  • From my experiences, I think it is true that suffering losses and pain are what we have to face and encounter before reaching our goal.
    However, I don’t understand why they said : Success is based on “What We Have Given Up”
    How can we be successful if we give up our goal?

    • Vu,

      It is not to give up the goal, but what we give up or sacrifice to reach the goal.


  • Again, You guys are Awesome and really seriously truly know where its at and what you’re talking about. I love this stuff and love being a subscriber !!!

  • Pain is a Great Teacher. If you research into the cause of Pain, and root out the cause of the pain, then it would be no more (Doctrine of Cause and Effect)
    Success is a mental phenomena of pursuing an attachment until fulfillment If you are really successful you ought to be permanently Happy. Does this really happen? When you had conquered something you will pursue another objective, never ending pursuing? Never reaching the Plateau of contentment. Only letting go (of attachment) will give the permanent success. Meaning you can have a goal and enterprisingly pursue it but never be attached to it.
    Of course Perseverance is the KEY.

    • Nihal,
      We find that it is the rare person that lives in bliss all of their life. We also find that it is more common to the human experience to only experience that level of happiness in small portions. It becomes the driving force for people to overcome adversity and seek success.

      People everywhere seek happiness.