The Secret Law of Attraction, Decision Making and Clarity

Secret Law of Attraction, are you confused on how to use it?

Have you ever played connect-the-dots? In connect – the – dots, you have to connect the dots to create a picture of some ‘thing’ and you should use up as many of the dots as possible. In some cases, you could also follow the pre – numbered dots to follow where you were to draw the next line. If you miss one dot then the objective of the game – the final picture – becomes messed up. “Connect – the – dots” and The Secret Law of Attraction works in the same way.

There is a system in the  Secret Law of Attraction– and you need to literally connect the dots in your life, or you won’t reach your objective.  If you’re feeling that you have missed your objective, you’ll most likely find that you might be missing a dot or two.

The Importance of the Secret Law of Attraction

In the Secret Law of Attraction, each dot is just as important as any other dot as all dots are weighted exactly the same.  However, depending on ‘where you are at’, some dots need no effort at all to find and connect; whereas one dot may need a ton of effort put into it to breathe life into it. Regardless of how much effort each one takes you to achieve, each dot will move you towards the same thing – gaining the objective. If one dot is not there, either because you miss it or it was too hard to do it – Game Over!

What this means, is if you haven’t addressed certain things completely, you don’t make your objective. If you are trying to short cut the process, Secret Law of Attraction – you can’t blame the system! The system is ‘the system’ and it works – when followed to the letter.

Let’s have a look at why you may not be achieving your objectives while using the Secret Law of Attraction.

First, is CLARITY. People have a problem coping up with clarity because there are too many things on their mind, which cloud their ability to be CLEAR about what they want to achieve in using the  Secret Law of Attraction. Decisions are a great example of this …. We just have too many decisions to make!

Scientists have proven that we go into overload if offered more than 7 things to choose from.  Have you ever noticed that, by the time you go through the grocery store, you feel like you’re in melt down?  That’s because of all the choices you are bombarded with.

I think one of the reasons we have such difficulty in making the Secret Law of Attraction effective is because we don’t have a clearly defined decision making process.

 Secret Law of Attraction: Consider making your decisions through a ‘Process of Elimination‘.

What is your real priority – is it price, quality, cost of overall ownership?  Now, what happens if you add in the parameters of quality and branding?  By eliminating the things that aren’t important to you, you are allowing yourself to become really clear (or gain clarity) on the important things in your life thus being ready to use the  Secret Law of Attraction.

Now, would you like to make your decision making process 100 times more effective?  Then consider using Mental Photography techniques that have the inherent ability to strengthen the brain, clear out the cobwebs, and allow the brain to function as it should – FAST and CLEAN. Your decision making abilities also come into focus for clear decisions. True CLARITY! Then the efficiency of the  Secret Law of Attraction will follow.


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