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You don’t have a lot of time to get in on this opportunity.

I had announced an eBrain Executive Seminar that will be held on January 29, 30, and 31.  But I had announced it over the holidays, so many of you would have overlooked it when you got back to work.
Well, now you have had a few days to settle back into your routine and can breathe a little easier. …And here I am again…
Remember, we help people achieve their life long goals and life time achievements in record time when using our methods.  Part of that means YOU need to understand a few things about the Universe, and what happens when you reside within it.  I call this the “Path of Least Resistance”.
The Path of Least Resistance is only taught in the eBrain Executive Seminar, by me.  So, what that means to you is if you really want this level of information, along with dynamically engineered time saving techniques, you have few choices but to attend one of my seminars.  These are the same techniques that I personally collaborated with Richard Welch, the “Father of Mental Photography”, over the past 20+ years.
It is summer here in Australia, while America and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing the coldest winter on record.  (What happened to Global Warming?)  It would be a good time to take a nice warm vacation in Australia, and learn a few good things for YOU at the same time.
It will be held near Melbourne, Victoria, in Bendigo, Victoria.
Interested? Email me:   brainy [at] ebrain [dot] com.au

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