How to Cure Developmentitus

Are you infected with Developmentitus?

Recently, I have had a lot of clients asking me one thing.  They have been asking my opinion as to how ZOX Pro Training interacts with other trainings.  This led me to realize that with so many trainings available, some people can lose their effectiveness while pursuing the “better me” within.

ZOX Pro Training and Brain Management are very unique in design.  Simplistically, our training is easily used to learn and support any other training or mind discipline. WOW! You would ask me why?  The answer is not complex or hidden.  The answer is Mental Photography (ZOXing).

Since Mental Photography is the first way we learn everything via the eidetic memory (commonly known as the photographic memory), it is the basis of all learning;  the benchmark.  So no mater what it is you want to learn, if you want to learn it better and easier, use Mental Photography;  it’s the natural way to learn

The second issue that frequently comes up at the same time is people using more than one training at the same time they are learning another.  I realize that many people would find a way to justify that course of action.  Allow me to provide you a scenario:

Scenario 1: A person is taking a speed reading course, a mega-speed reading course, and is asking about doing Mental Photography at the same time. I am NOT going to recommend that action. Here is why:

a.    The person cannot tell where there results are coming from.  This creates confusion to what is working and what is not.

b.    The person may have conflicting information coming from different trainings.  Again, this only adds to the confusion.

c.    ZOX Pro Training (Mental Photography) in this case is definitely a superior product because of the level of training the person receives.  Remember, ZOX Pro Training is actually a “mental discipline”.  We approach things very differently with our trainings.  We help people make huge gains by helping them change the way they perceive how learning works, or in some cases how it doesn’t work.

Multiple Trainings Cause Confusion

This can easily confuse people that are involved with other trainings that teach things differently than what we teach you.  We want everyone to have results.  We have geared ZOX Pro Training, as well as our other trainings, for results.  You may be inhibiting your results by mixed signals from other trainings.  If this is happening to you, don’t panic.  Again, after you learn our methods, you can apply ZOX Pro Training to all the other trainings afterwards, making them easier than ever.

Scenario 2: You have a vocabulary builder, a memory enhancer, speed reading, a meditation schedule, lists of affirmations stuck up everywhere you look, a daily organizer that is meant to keep track of it all (but you never have time to look at it). And so on, and so on…

All these techniques may be good and work as separate devices. But when you put them all together, you find that your life becomes so cluttered, you cannot tell what, if anything, is happening to create that positive life you want.


Stop doing other trainings while you are learning ZOX Pro Training.  This will give you the best opportunity to really FOCUS on one training instead of the many things that waste your time, confuse you, and inhibit your results.

When you create results from your focused action, you will easily see where they have come from – without question.


Since ZOX Pro Training is a mind discipline, it will affect ALL areas of your life.  So don’t limit yourself by only looking for results in the information area.  There are so many other areas of life you need to work on.  Look for success in family, relationships, health, wealth, work, prestige, decreasing stress, vocabulary and languages, creativity, decision making, athletic ability and sports, just to point out a few.

So, if you want to prevent yourself from suffering Self-Developmentitis, here is what to do:  (WARNING: Joke Ahead) Take 2 ZOX Pro Trainings, give one to a friend, and DON’T call me in the morning.  (You should be too busy making a great life for yourself.)

Great Things Happen Here!


  • Brett Geissmann

    That’s an interesting concept – Developmentitus. I can’t help but totally agree with those perspectives – 100%! When I first bought into the ZOX Pro Training, I combined it with so many other products and mind disciplines that it muddied the water to my focus and mental clarity, big time!

    Luckily I realized things were not going as smooth as what I thought they should be. I asked ZOX Pro Support what was happening. After telling them what all I was doing, they quickly guided me to focus on the training for just those same reasons. Kudos!

    Turned out I didn’t even need all those other products and disciplines. The Mental Photography and Brain Management training covers everything and anything. All I needed to do was realize how broad and advanced the spectrum is, and really learn how integrate my imagination and creativity into it. My life transformed from slug’s pace to cheetah speeds and beyond!


    PS: I have never looked back!

    • That is exactly why I took the time to write about it. Our clients want clarity. We know how to make it happen.

  • just wondering is Brett a part of the Zox Pro team? 😉 Or maybe that’s just my suspicious mind. I would love to believe that Zox Pro does exactly what it claims to do. I’ll think about it some more before deciding to buy this. It’s not easy to find impartial reviews of this product.

    • Hi G H,

      It sounds like Brett is saying positive things about the training. If it is the same Brett I think it is, then he comes form experinece in using the techniques for himself.

      As for Brett being part of the team; no. He is a client.