New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution

What are YOUR Plans for the New Year?

Hi my friends and colleagues. As usual Mind To Mind wants to stay current with the day events and help you gain control of your life and your Mind. Since the Holiday season is upon us and the New Year is just around the corner, I wanted to bring your attention to a serious opportunity to make changes. Many of you have been doing it tough the second half the year, maybe the first half as well. Many of us have had our lives shaken and stirred several times over.

The Comfort Zone

This is the perfect time to commence a change! You are already out of your comfort zone. Most people that want to make change, don’t — because they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Well, you don’t have to leave it, because you have already been ‘Kicked’ out of it!

So, what are you going to do? Are you going to sit back and blame the governments, banks, and OPEC for causing all your problems? You can! But where will that get you? Where will you be in 6 months or a year form now? Hopefully by now you are seeing the light.

Change What?

Let’s talk about change. Many of you would like to make change with regards to wealth, finance, and security. Some of you would like to have better relationships. Some of you will decide to take on to smoke less, eat right, exercise more, spend less time in front of the TV. The list goes on and on.

It all depends upon the person. What makes you think you will succeed this time? You have probably made the same resolution before. Besides the fact that you are no longer in your comfort zone helps you allot with this goal. But, there are other things that come into the picture as well. Things like willpower, focus, resolve, planning and implementation, recovering from setbacks. In other words, you need a strategy.

Effective Strategy Building

For your strategy to be effective, you need clarity for your decision making, and the system to help you put it all together. This is where I can get involved and tell you about a system that does all this and more! There is a system that exists that assists you in clearing your mind, building your focus, intent and direction, and gives you ample information to build your decision making on, and for supporting your decisions – the evidence to back it up.

No matter what other device, information, or techniques you use, it actually allows you to do them better, more effectively. AND, you could start doing this for yourself almost immediately. Now a system like this that is sooo comprehensive MUST cost a fortune, right (This is where I should leave you hanging for a while and go off on another subject for a while, but I won’t.)

The entire system will only cost what you would probably spend on two or three toys that will quickly loose attention, or a nice jacket, or a couple pairs of pants, depending where you shop. In other words, for what you get and what you can achieve with it, you would be nuts to pass it up. Because it is CHEAP!

Please STOP what you are doing for the next 10 minutes, go to Learn what ZOX Pro Training can help YOU do for YOU. (You will see the point in what I just said) There is nothing as valuable as a personal sense of accomplishment!

PS: Just Remember – The ZOX Pro Training is fully flexible. You can use it in coordination with anything else you are doing or want to achieve. Have fun planning your New Years Resolutions.

Work Smart – Not Hard!

GREAT Things Happen!

Shannon Panzo

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