How Does Brain Management Look at Recession? Use Your BRAIN !

How Does Brain Management Look at Recession?

Use Your BRAIN !

This is an exercise in the application of Mental Photography (ZOX)

I like to paint pictures. More precisely, I like to paint pictures for you to have some idea what it would be like for you to be using Mental Photography. And, if you already use Mental Photography, how to broaden your scope and use it better. There is event that everyone in the world are now sharing. Economics. Yikes! How do you react? This exercise will help you assess what part you are playing.

First, gain information fast by using Mental Photography (ZOXing)

When the post-war economy began to slump following WWII, since the Great Depression was still a memory, the president didn’t want to suggest that the USA was heading back to that, so the word ‘Recession’ was born. Today, this would e referred to as ‘slant’.

Qualities of the word “Recession”:

Sounds friendlier, like schoolchildren at recess, or just taking a break from profitable business.

“It’s merely a recession.”

It alleviates public panic

No-one can agree on what it is, or what defines it. Thus, by the word ‘recession’ being so ambiguous, we could be in a ‘depression’ without the public even realizing it.


Let’s gain perspective about another word – DEPRESSION. Now, depression is defined 2 ways, as a state of economy, and as a state of mind. The two are tenaciously linked. The economic state becomes the mental state, which then supports the economic state – a vicious cycle.

Today, the world is faced again with the same dilemma. Is it a recession, a depression, or what? What is the truth? Again, Mental Photography (ZOXing) comes to the rescue. Because Mental Photography gives us information at 100 times the impact, it reveals secrets and insights that are the fabric behind the writing – that elusive thread of TRUTH.

Now you can dwell on all the stuff the Fear Mongers keep telling you about. About the time you think we should be getting good news from the Media, They are telling everyone that it’s worst than ever. There’s a black lining to every cloud of hope. As long as they can keep revealing those black linings, They are in the MONEY!… because bad news sells! And terrible news sells better.

The alternative is for you to focus on YOU. How are YOU going to affect YOU? Are you going to let the Fear Mongers ruin your life with their tales of woe, or are you going to do something different. Again, Mental Photography to the rescue!

Mental Photography does so many good things for your brain. It cleans up your ability to think clearly, increases your physical memory, increases ability to access memory better, and of course is the ability to take in huge amounts of information FAST. YOU gain the advantage!

In times like these, what you do and how you look at and handle things are paramount to your successes. If your thoughts fly above the crowd, you will continue to do well. Yes, of course there will be set-backs along the way. But don’t let them get in your way. While everyone else is wallowing in the muck and mire, you can work your magic – for yourself.

There are many ways to achieve what I just explained, but the Mental Photography is by far the easiest to use and it is completely natural to your brain.

By learning and using Mental Photography for your brain, mind, and life, you gain the advantage others don’t have. It opens the doors to solutions you never would have considered before. Isn’t it time you Take Control of Your Life, put the Fear Mongers aside, guide your life over the ‘recession’ rockiness, and come out better on the other end.

Heads Up!

GREAT Things Happen!

Shannon Panzo

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