Invention, Prediction, and The Power of the Mind – REVISITED

I am sure that some of you remember this article:

Invention, Prediction, and The Power of the Mind Over Matter

If you do not remember the content of that article, then please go over it again to get the story. This article is a followup to that article.

In the previous article, as a practical exercise in lateral thinking, I came up with what I believed to be a superior design for a frying pan surface. These frying pans that I am about to tell you about are remarkable. They do not fit the design I proposed in the previous article, but the functionality is very close to me design specifications. I would like to think that I played some part in the invention of this idea, but I don’t think they would tell me if I did.

After I wrote the first article my quest began. The search for the perfect fry pan; or as perfect as current reality allows for.

In my search, I was able to find one pan that is chemically engineered far SUPERIOR to any Teflon based pan. The temperature that this coating (Neolon) starts to break down is ~450 degrees Celsius. Higher than you would ever go with a pan.  They make all different shapes and sizes, including woks. Their scratch resistance is so much higher than Teflon, the pan is likely to outlast you. (No, it is NOT called a “rock”. … a joke.)

Neoflam / Ecolon Pros and Cons:

The pans look retro-1970s

They say to use rice oil. First fry – sticking. Second fry and more – Stick free.

The problem in the instructions – thoroughly wash with soap in between use. (What restaurant does that? The pan stays hot all day!)

DO not use olive oil for frying – more carcinogens at high temps. but great for cold food like salads.

Made in Korea, but world-wide distribution.

They say you can use metal on the surface. We mostly have wood and plastic from the Teflon disappointments, so we use those anyhow. We have also seen the pans after people use metal utensils on them. They did not leave a scratch in the surface.

More specifically with regards to any sticking. I find it mostly occurs when the food is pressed through the oil to the surface. If you place the food in, on top of the oil layer, then using the cover, it cooks up without sticking.

If you find your pan has a buildup, because you attempted to season it, or not cleaning the pan in between, then we found the best cleaner is a product called “Gumption” to bring the surface back around. If you do not have that product, then I recommend about a teaspoon of salt. Salt is a crystal that acts as an abrasive. Someone recommended baking soda. That did not turn out so good. It stuck like crazy after cleaning it with baking soda. That may work well for some pans, but not for these.

I have found the best remedy to keep it non stick, is to scrape the pan of any debris that has stuck in the least to the surface, while it is STILL HOT. Using a wooden or bamboo spatula allows you to put some muscle into it.

We are classifying this pan as the Best pan ever. The price is reasonable. I have tossed more expensive pans into the trash.

Brand name is “NEOFLAM


If you would like more information on these pans, CLICK on this link:

It is a lot of fun introducing you to new ideas.

Shannon Panzo

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