Walking on Fire – Firewalking on Hot Coals at Guru Mountain

Walking on Burning Coal

Brad Johnson, a client of the Brain Management training, is sharing his story about his experience when learning how to walk on fire from a Firewalking Guru. He points out his observations as how the Firewalking training has some of the same similarities that most other motivationally based trainings also have. Firewalking is used to help you gain perspective that

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When Disaster Strikes: Who Do You Call? — Brain Management!

Brain Management Manage your Brain for Results Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tidal wave, tornado or flash flood. It can be a personal tragedy like the loss of a job or a loved one or even something that appears trivial, such as dropping that first cup of coffee

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If You’re Happy and You Know it… Clap Your Hands

If you are happy and you know clap your Hands

Most people actually do not know what it means to be happy, or what it takes to get there. The easiest example of this is the Self Improvement Industry. The Self Improvement industry caters to Unhappy people. It is our desire to be happy, happier, or a better person tomorrow than we are today.

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When Disaster Strikes – Who do You Call?

Disasters cause us to feel like less of the person we know we are. We lose self-worth. They make us feel small and impotent. It may be overwhelming, even when others see it as a minor inconvenience. So, really, it is our perception that turns events into disasters for us. Most of all, disasters can impact a little, or all of your life.

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