Money and Wealth Creation: Use Your Mind

Mind Discipline

Money and Wealth

Many people are convinced – consciously or subconsciously – that accumulating great wealth is impossible. But this is simply not true. Your mind is the only impediment to your goals of wealth. But help is on the way. I am here to teach you how to focus your thoughts on visualizing your goals.

A Poverty Mentality is Your Enemy to Wealth

At some point in your life, you internalized the belief that money and wealth would always remain beyond your reach. To become successful, you must change the way you think and the way your mind works. But before you can change the way your mind works, you must understand the process.

Your mind has two major parts – the conscious mind that deals with the everyday and the subconscious mind, which is where our hopes and dreams reside. Your subconscious mind controls your likes and dislikes as well as how we deal with circumstances and events in our lives – including how you react to money and wealth. The subconscious mind stores your likes and dislikes, your hopes and your dreams, and how you react to things – including money and wealth.

Develop Mental Discipline

You can do affirmations for money and wealth all day long, but without overcoming your mind’s subconscious preconditioning, your efforts will only produce frustration. You must learn Brain Management and mental discipline to train your subconscious to focus on your highest goals so that you can achieve them. By exercising your brain using Mental Photography techniques will allow you to obtain the greatest type of wealth, personal contentment and satisfaction.

Shannon Panzo

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