Mesmerized by the Headlights of Oncoming Traffic?

Mesmerized …



(We like the picture of the deer better than a black and white picture of ‘ol Franz Mesmer.)

In honor of Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), a German Physician and an ICON of a bygone era. Mesmer theorized a natural energetic transference that occurred between all animated and inanimate objects that he called “Animal Magnetism.” Along with his theory, Mesmer lives on in the state of being that bears his name, “mesmerized.” (One badge of great honor is to have one’s name become a part of the general vocabulary.)

Are you Mesmerized?

If you have ever experienced the feeling you were the “deer caught in the headlights of oncoming traffic, as if you are about to be run over, you have.

Decisions, Decisions

Do you make important decisions readily? Or do you resort to flipping a coin? Do you procrastinate while vainly hoping that the decision will make itself and the problem will just go away? As a procrastinator, you will often surprise yourself by the feeling of feeling that you experience by simply making a decision.

Solving Problems

On the other hand, sometimes what looks like procrastination is actually constructive. If you have a big problem that prevents you from making progress in other areas of your life, one of the best ways to break the logjam is to sleep on it!

Sleeping on a problem works. Even in the absence of meditation or other mental disciplines, sleep frees your mind to find solutions that evade your waking mind.

Your mind has vast stores of information. But during the day, your conscious mind crowds out much of that storehouse of information, especially when your stress levels are high. At night, when your mind is quiet, your mind can devote its entire energy to sorting through your challenges. This is why many times you wake up with clear solutions to problems that you had wrestled with for the day before.

So, the next time you feel like a deer caught in the headlights, you will know exactly what to do. Go to sleep!
“No decision is too great or too small. They All affect your path through life.”

Shannon Panzo

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