Self-Developmentitus – Losing Your Effectiveness?

Self-developmentitus affects your life by wasting your critical time on useless activities that do not add value to your productivity. You may suffer an actual loss of effectiveness as a result of creating my better self. That is counterproductive. The world we live in is time sensitive, and for you to waste time is unacceptable to most people in and around business.

The Adage Goes “Actions Speak Louder than Words”

Mental Photography uses your natural photographic memory (eidetic memory), which forms the basis for every other type of learning. There is little difference between photographic and eidetic memory. Mental Photography techniques can help you learn anything you want to learn – better and easier. Famous people with eidetic or photographic memory often gain their fame by using it to their advantage.

In our multitasking society, many people want to be “efficient” and take on more than one type of training simultaneously. Too much of a good thing defeats the purpose, especially is you are only getting results from one of them – which one?

Confusion Ensues

If you’re taking a speed reading course, meditating, maintaining lists of affirmations and you’re thinking about adding Mental Photography – stop. Step away from the self-help techniques and concentrate exclusively on ZOX Pro Training, at least for now. Here’s why.

How will you know which techniques produce which results?
Your training may provide conflicting information between different techniques.
ZOX Pro Training (how to use Mental Photography) is more than a form of training. It is actually a mental discipline to combat developmentitus that affects ALL areas of your life.

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.” — Albert Einstein

Einstein expressed the concept, but; I invented the word, developmentitus. Look it up on Google. Today, that same word is being applied in many ways.

Different techniques to accomplish the same thing is fine when taken separately. But when you attempt to combine them, your energies become scattered, your efforts take up more time, and you cannot create the positive progress that you desire.

You may subscribe to the mistaken belief that only a lucky few are blessed with creativity. We all do. But without practice, your creative powers will atrophy like unused muscles. Take a bit of wisdom from us how to apply yourself, and be effective at the same time.

To protect yourself from developmentitus, take two ZOX Pro Trainings, give one to a friend, and DON’T call me in the morning. (With your fabulous life, it won’t be necessary.)

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Dr Shannon Panzo

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