Education System vs Public Interest – Using Photographic Memory

Education System vs Public Interest Encouraging and implementing the photographic memory in school Education’s War on Change… Educators are steadfast when it comes to implementation of reading as the vehicle for gaining information and testing as the method for calculating student ability to retain what they have read. But testing in a clinical sense does not encourage usability of the

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Understanding Success, Failure, and Lessons in Self Improvement

Everything that happens to us happens for a purpose.

“You are likely to learn more out of anything that you fail than learn from passing.”
It makes sense. You will learn many lessons when you fail at something.
But if you pass that event, you have no reason to look for your lessons.

“Wherever you are, that is where you are meant to be, experiencing the things you were meant to experience.”

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Combat Post Holiday Depression – SMILE

Combat Depression – Smile! Here you are again at the end of another year, and guess what? It always ends up the same way for you. Once the event is over, you are depressed. The air has been left out of your balloon; you are down in the dumps… Viva passé. The lead-up to your event you have planned so

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