True Friends are Hard to Find

True Friends

As you go through life you create many connections with others. Most of those connections have little to no true worth. Other connections are worthwhile and meaningful. This poem was presented to me as a result of a meaningful and worthwhile connection with someone else. By sharing it with you, I hope you will gain something from it as well.

Meercats - True Friends


For this whom suffer me


And what are friends in all this life
And where does one find such things
For in their hands there is no knife
The brain no unkind seeds
They see the unwashed linen
Hear you as you fart
On smelling thy fetid breath
Offer just a drink
Before they go off to barf

They are the ones who groped
with me , in dark murky emotional night
to find the wall and then the gate
which led toward the light

They walked with me along the path
Of perilous ascent
And pressed me against the bluff
From falling off the ledge

Have held my hand
Wiped my tears
Told me I was not stupid
When I was shot by Cupid

Suffered a fool to be a fool
Never batting of an eye
When all the while there screamed
A voice “why is he so stupid”

Oh can’t he see the path ahead
It is surely plain to see
Just drink the cup of truth
There is no other need

So whence come such as these
They surely be not easily made
Some special forge there be
To create such precious metal

To know the worthless stone
Within their hand, yet restrain
From casting it asunder
Some value yet they wonder

–    Anonymous by choice

As you embark on your journey, keep this in the back of your mind that “True Friends are hard to find”. The real rewards in life tend to be surprises that suddenly appear.

It is nice to be appreciated.

Shannon Panzo


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