Decisions, Zebrula, Solve Problem, Make Decision, Mind Over Matter, Brain Power, Think, Solution, ZOX Pro Training


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Confused, Clarity, Clear Thought, Think Clear, Clear Confusion, Make Decisions, Solve Problems, ZOX Pro, Mind Power


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Want More From Life, Need Information, Poor Decisions, Want Love, Depressed, Mind Over Matter, ZOX Pro


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Confused, Clarity, Clear Thought, Make Decisions, Solve Problems, Mind Over Matter, ZOX Pro


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Off Color, Confused, Attention to Detail, Wrong Side of the Bed, Mental Energy, Brain Power, Mind Over Matter


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Costime Party, Zebra, Picture, Eidetic Image, Memory, Dressed Up, Picture, Image, Photograph


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  • Leticia D Quinonez


    I like the picture of the horse that was decorated in these photos.

    I am badly struggling with this miserable learning problem myself and this is what held me back in school.

    Please help me get over this garbage


    Happy New Years

    Leticia Quinonez

    • Leticia,

      We are happy you like the horse. But it is not decorated. What you are seeing is a “zebrula”. It is a cross between a horse and a zebra. The paterns are genetic. The zebrula really is a good representation of what we present; Independent thinking and “You being the unique person you are.”

      As for your request, we will be sending you the appropriate information.

  • diane godynick

    Keep Trying To find way to get your free materials..I would like a copy..thanks Diane vh

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