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* Are you overworked and stressed out?
* Do you struggle with information overload?
* Do you want to decrease study time?
* Do you want to pass tests with ease AND achieve high scores?
* Are you a professional climbing the corporate ladder?
* Too many books,not enough time?
* Do you scan emails for vital information?
* Your “IN” box looks like Mount Vesuvius erupting, while your “OUT” box is empty?
* Do you suffer dyslexia and find reading difficult to impossible?
* Do you FORGET what you read?

“Mental Photography” is the answer to ALL of these questions.

What is Mental Photography?

You were born with this ability switched on. You used it for the first 5 years of your life.


You were an information sponge!  You NATURALLY learned extremely complex things during that time.  Just ask your parents, or look at your children.

Why don’t I use it now?

When you go to school you are taught to think that you are taught a superior method of learning.  NOT TRUE! Reading is taught in opposition to Mental Photography.  When you were taught to read, your access to this ability was switched off.  Reading does not work for everyone because it is NOT a natural ability.  Mental
Photography IS natural, and does work for everyone.

Can I learn Mental Photography (ZOXing), again?

YES!  It is the natural ability you were born with.  You never lose it.

We have taught thousands of people JUST LIKE YOU Mental Photography since 1975, when Richard Welch first discovered it.  For over 35 years we have constantly upgraded our teaching so that you can achieve your absolute best results. We were the First to teach Mental Photography, and we are STILL THE BEST!  And yes, Mental Photography is REAL. Richard Welch is the “Father of Mental Photography”

Common Questions About Mental Photography…

Will I have to give up “reading”?

NO!  Mental Photography enhances the experience of reading.

Your average reading speed is ~250 words per minute (wpm). Mental Photography begins at 25,000 wpm.  (That’s 100 times the speed of reading!!)

During Brain Management Seminar Training you are tested on recall at 52,000 wpm.  Proficient Mental Photographers show up to 600,000 words per minute with 90% recall (just turning pages).  (Testing
has been omitted from ZOX Pro Training, without losing effectiveness or results.)

Mental Photography has the IMPACT of reading something 100 times.  It will definitely enhance your experience of reading after you Mentally Photograph the book. You’ll feel like you have already read the book many times over when you do read it.  It will certainly spoil any mystery novels.  You will automatically know
‘who-done-it’.  You have barely scratched the surface of what your brain is capable of doing!

Even more powerful is that Mental Photography exercises the brain!

Mental Photography delivers:

* Elevated whole brain activity
* Strengthens neural pathways
* Hemispheric balancing
* Heightened communication between the conscious and the subconscious
* Grow more memory
* Quicker and clearer thinking

Since I have been relying on reading from age 5, will this inhibit Mental Photography?

NO!  We refer to the “eidetic memory” as the “photographic memory”.

You were born using Mental Photography.  At that time in your life it is referred to as the ‘eidetic memory’ that incorporates ALL the senses.  You never lose the ability to use it.  Advertisers use this NATURAL brain function to ‘command’ to you what to buy.  Would you like to know how to gain control over it??

Brain Management Training fully explores Mental Photography; its’ endless uses, attributes, and benefits.  You will experience these things during your training and see results.  You will learn all you need to know about Mental Photography. Mental Photography is at the core of all of our trainings.  By YOU gaining control of your mind, you gain control of your life!

Knowledge is Power!

As you learn Mental Photography, you will also be experiencing “Brain Management”.  Brain Management explores your new-found abilities and shows you how to use them to get more out of life.  Brain Management (and ZOX Pro Training) is a synergistic system that supports your Mental Photography as well as the other life skills you learn here. While you are becoming a great Mental Photographer, you are also taught:

* Albert Einstein’s Distraction Index (Invented by Albert Einstein) for 100% Concentration
* Techniques that open your peripheral vision, intuition, and awareness
* Kinesthetics and muscle testing at the seminar level only
* Subconscious programming
* Relaxation Techniques
* Health Applications
* Dream Programming
* Problem Solving
* Goal setting that works
* The “Path of Least Resistance” at the eBrain Executive Seminar only.

Why is it necessary for me to learn more than only the Mental Photography?

Mental Photography is wonderful at gaining vast amounts of knowledge. Why would you NOT want to learn more?

You were taught to disregard your connection to your photographic memory.  Through our specialized coaching embedded into our trainings, you are able to reactivate that connection with the least amount of effort.  We have over 35 years of experience assisting people this way.

You need the other parts of the training to make your effort more effective.  This is a “whole life system” that works.  To only focus on the Mental Photography would sacrifice over 90% of what you will gain by using the whole system.

We are committed to your success. Through many years of research and hundreds of thousands of participants, we know what works.

Did You Know …?

Scientific research shows that within 60 days of learning “speed reading”, over 90% revert back to reading (even though speed reading is statistically better than reading), because there has been no support provided or basis for beliefs to change to accommodate the new way they have learned.  When you use all parts of the complete Brain Management System, the results are off the charts — GREAT!

And even one better! It’s EASY.  The techniques we teach you go hand in hand with each other.  And they’re EASY to use!

While strengthening your brain with Mental Photography and other synergistic Brain Management techniques, more life-long benefits will emerge for you.

Benefits include:

* Increased Memory
* Better Concentration
* Increased Vocabulary
* Recall of Mentally Photographed Information
* Intuition and Awareness
* Subconscious Programming to get the most from life
* Require less Sleep
* Eliminate Stress
* Problems Solved Easily
* Enhanced Decision Making
* Achieve your Goals

And through it all, you will continue to learn more and more valuable information!

You’ve heard of ‘Lateral Thinking’… NOW get the where-with-all to DO IT!!!!

To deny your photographic memory exists is like saying that you were not born.

You were born with it.

You never lose it.

You are just out of touch with it.


We are committed to your success.

You get everything you will ever need from this training. It is just that complete!

Our complete whole life training seminars come with GUARANTEED FREE REFRESHERS for life!

(That’s even better than a money-back guarantee)

We promote independent thinking, self-motivation, and anti-guruism.  You know what is in your best interests.

We put you in charge.  Our clients are from 7 years old to over 90. We treat everyone as adult. Along with that, the client is bestowed the adult responsibility to be in charge of themselves and what is in their best interest.  Don’t worry – everyone has problems.  But everyone does NOT have SOLUTIONS though.  We don’t need to know what your problems are.  But we will provide you the ability to find solutions for those problems, yourself.  We help you to help yourself. We turn over these proven life-enhancing techniques to you — for you to be in control of your life, like never before. We hope you have enjoyed this REPORT on MENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY.  We will continue to make more valuable information available.  For the nearest Brain Management Seminar to you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Your Brain is the most personal thing you possess.


Which type of person are you?

If you believe there is nothing better than slow, boring reading that takes up huge amounts of your time, that you think there is no reason to improve your life, or your life is so completely filled with joy and compassion, then reason has it that this training wasn’t meant for you.

But, if you want to make your life more prosperous in more ways than you can imagine, AND be back in charge of your greatest asset – your brain, then you’ve come to the right place.

Great Things Happen Here!

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